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01.02.2012 , 11:06 AM | #1
SO i'm reading these post about enrages. I've been in groups where the dps weren't putting out what they needed and hit enrages on every boss in BT. What i read is normally along hte lines of "I have X% health and still get 2 shotted.

Theres more to being a tank then just HP stacking. Also, when i know i'm in a weak group, I save my CDs and stagger them once the Red box of death pops up on the boss. I also make sure to interrupt those hard hitting abilities. I end up living for a good 20+ seconds. Most times its enough for them to kill the boss which is usually at 10% or less health with me still alive at the end. Sometimes I die with the boss at 1 or 2% and they finish it up.

End result is the boss is down.

My point is that although the dps are to blame for hitting enrage timers, a good tank and healer can give you the extra time that's needed. Its not like wow where they would just use there aoe 1 shot ability. Its just extra damage.