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Auto assign loot bug in operations?

Cessio's Avatar

01.02.2012 , 02:44 AM | #1
We were doing karagga's palace and eternity vault last night, just on normal mode since many were fresh dinged, and we just wanted to test the waters. The auto assign feature was a ***** but we dealt with it.

There was just like 1 glitch?

We had 2 bhs, 3warriors, 1IA and 2 sorcerers. All except the sorcerer loot was actually splitted so every1 got something.

But we had 1 of the sorcerers getting all the loot. 6 drops for just 1 guy and the other guy could just sit there, looking at the other getting loot, even when the chest and the belt dropped which he already had he still got the loot.

Now we practicly have 1 guy close to full 136 geared, and another with ****** quest gear, how can this be fair? Believing that the guy was really lucky is just.. What are the odds of hitting 6 heads in a row - kinda low.