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hardmode SOA bug

steevn's Avatar

01.02.2012 , 02:28 AM | #1
hey guys,

while im sure there are a couple of other threads about this already we have run into a majorly debilitating bug in the hardmode SOA encounter.

it seems that any time someone is cc'd by the boss (force thrown or mind trapped) any lightning balls aggro'd on that person instantly vanish and are no longer targetable. this would be awesome if they werent still in the room and randomly blowing people up like invisible creepers from minecraft.

we haven't been able to come up with any solution to this issue besides having 1 dps AOE taunt all the lighting orbs, pop all his cd's and pray to god he doesnt die.. BUT WAIT THEIRS MORE!!

our sentinel found out that if you pop your 99% damage reduction and attempt to blow up the lightning balls, they just sit in place, they dont despawn or blow up but still shock the hell out of people who get near em.

hopefully this helps some people having issues with this encounter. it seems that there is a huge bug in this encounter that doesnt make it feasibly doable. if we are fundimentally missing something about this encounter please feel free to point out the error of our ways but we had very little issues with the other bosses and find it unlikely that there is some unbelievably obscure mechanic in this encounter.