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BUG: NodeSpaceCache Crash

Firrae's Avatar

01.02.2012 , 02:06 AM | #1
Every so often since the last patch my client will crash with the following showing up in a separate window behind the game with the name: "Game NodeSpaceCache." I cannot tell you what it says because since the game has become unmovable and I cannot get the other window to the front I cannot read the actual error. The crash happens every 2 or 3 hours, usually when transitioning between major areas (i.e. between world and flash point or world and ship). Any help is appreciated

Operating System: 64 bit Windows 7
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 460M

DxDiag 64-bit below:

Firrae's Avatar

01.02.2012 , 05:28 PM | #2
Bump? I heard if you (when it's about to freeze) do the Ctrl + U things twice and then exit the program using Alt + F4 that should solve the issue, seems to have worked for me so far

Tristam_Ward's Avatar

01.02.2012 , 11:09 PM | #3
Here is the post I made with a solution.