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Can you successfully Solo long-term?

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Can you successfully Solo long-term?

biggyhosp's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 06:59 PM | #1
I'm just wondering if it's possible to solo through the game until level 50 (and complete the main storyline)? I don't have a lot of time to devote to MMO's, so I usually just hop on-off quickly, and it doesn't ever lend itself to playing in groups. I know I'm missing out on most of the 'best' stuff - but I really just love the main storylines of the game.

I'm currently a level 38 sith warrior (Jug) - and I haven't really had difficulty yet. I'm almost always right at every level range of the current planet I'm on - so I assume that means I'm on track? Ultimately, this means I haven't really done any Flashpoints, so I'm stuck doing almost all the bonus and extra quests to make sure I'm at the right level.

Can I continue on doing this same thing... or will I eventually need to team up with a few players on my server?

If I were to roll a new character - what's the "easiest" one to solo on? Thanks in advance!

Shammus's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 07:00 PM | #2
yes you can solo everything from 1-50 minus heroic quest, flashpoints, and operations

You can do lower level flashpoints solo, but some will require more then 1 person to get through due to mechanics.
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biggyhosp's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 07:16 PM | #3
How many levels beneath you is it safe to assume you can complete it solo-successfully?

AlatarTheGrey's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 08:03 PM | #4
I'm currently level 34. I've only joined groups temporarily for Heroic missions and Flashpoints. I've has some success completing Heroic 2 missions with just my companion once I've done every class and side mission on a planet and am 1 or 2 levels above the opposition, but it's a real slog. IMO, Heroic 4 and Flashpoints are near impossble soloing. By the time you are a high enough level, the XP and rewards are not good enough to be worth the time.

biggyhosp's Avatar

01.02.2012 , 03:05 PM | #5
Does anyone have any recommendation for which class is best for soloing? (in PvE only)?

IxCptMorganxI's Avatar

01.02.2012 , 03:17 PM | #6
If you avoid the Heroic quests you can solo your way to 50. PVP and space battles drop you a ton of experience as well so you don't even have to do your story to level up. I've solo'd most of the game with the occasional team up with my brother and thats it.

DariuszPol's Avatar

01.02.2012 , 03:54 PM | #7
I solo from LVL 1 to 26 doing only flashpoints and hero quests in groups (and I solo hero+2). After lvl 26 it was hard to find group because of lack of players on the server. So I level solo from lvl 26 to lvl 40.
10 levels left for me until my subscription run out (i'm cancelling). So I'm sure that you can do it all solo.
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