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Getting my @rse kicked in the reverse engineering dept.

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Getting my @rse kicked in the reverse engineering dept.

SpecialEnmity's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 02:31 PM | #1
Do higher level items have less of a chance at getting purple schematics from blue items?

I must have reverse engineered about 100 blue items and have only gotten 1 purple schematic at higher levels. (level 45-49 items) .

it's really frustrating to waste all that time and effort and not get any closer

firesprite_ea's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 02:42 PM | #2
And I thought me getting stuck at lvl 15 enhancements is bad. I RE abt 20+20 (of two different kinds) and failed to get a purple and thought ***.
But if ppl complain now abt 60-70+ re blue items with no luck ... Damn, this totally sux.

evidence_'s Avatar

01.01.2012 , 02:47 PM | #3
It should be rare tbh. Otherwise the marketplace will be flooded.

Forkrul's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 02:47 PM | #4
It's pure RNG, I've had to RE 50 things in the lvl 20-25 range to even get to blue and gotten blue and epic on first try in the 40-45 range.
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darkavian's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 02:48 PM | #5
I havent had much of a problem. I did might and resolve hilt 15 (level 35 items) and got both purples within 4-5 RE's

Glowsticknation's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 03:03 PM | #6
RE for cybertech, i only had to do about 5 items, highest i went was about 10 REs
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Raani's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 03:10 PM | #7
I've had mixed results so far. I got the epic mod on the first blue RE, which was very nice. On the other hand, I've made probably 30-40 blue earpieces and I still don't have the purple. It took maybe 20 tries for my friend's epic earpiece, although the stat combo I got isn't great and I'll have to regrind a different one.

Epic armoring was somewhere in the middle - maybe 15-20 tries before I got it.

This is all level 49 items, by the way. I grinded a few lowbie recipes for an alt and got the blues and purples pretty fast, probably because I was at 400 skill and they required 100-150 skill.

LordArioc's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 03:18 PM | #8
Yeah I REd about 50 blue lvl 50 implants today (Critical Nano Resolve) ... no purple. Rough.

Terwilliger's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 03:28 PM | #9
I have had zero luck making purple implants. I'm just glad I'm finally at the point where the costs aren't prohibitive and I can send out enough squaddies to match my demand for raw materials.

pryt's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 03:33 PM | #10
Do you know how many items I've crafted in Armoring with an Augment Slot while I was leveling up? And I guess, as soon as I'm maxed ... there will be nada.
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