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Is the Patch Server Down? 12/13/11 8PM CST

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Is the Patch Server Down? 12/13/11 8PM CST

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12.13.2011 , 08:05 PM | #1
First, I've been playing SWTOR all day today without any issues.

Now I turned off my client and ate dinner, but when I try to login again, the patcher states that it is not able to check the version of my client (though it was able to do so earlier today), and that I should check my connection.

I have taken the following steps without resolution:

- Restarted the launcher - same issue occurred.
- Used Fixlauncher.exe and restarted the launcher (this took a long time to eventually go through, but then the same issue occurred after it patched up and I could login to the patcher again).
- Checked my connectivity and made sure swtor.exe and the launcher are both permitted through my firewall.
- Briefly tested with my firewall and virus scanners shutdown and had the same result.

I'm guessing the patch servers are down but you haven't built in alarms for the live server team and/or they don't have a system in place to alert the playerbase.

Edit: Also, this may be unrelated, but the reason I logged out is that I got a bug that would cause my icons with cooldowns to not show when they were on cooldown. They could be ATTEMPTED to cast when they were on cooldown and this would trigger the GC, so it constantly messed me up. Also, I somehow got an absurd amount of rested xp (like maybe 15K xp worth - not sure -but it's a lot) and obviously not enough time has passed for me to have any amount of rested xp.

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12.13.2011 , 08:16 PM | #2
This is a valid current issue and not spam of the same stickied dev-responded issues that pushed it down.

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12.13.2011 , 08:30 PM | #3
Okay, I'm installing a new client and the patcher works, so what I think must have happened is that the patcher has seen some error made to my client but it is not able to repair the client.

This is really bad because it means that millions of us will have to reinstall every time a client becomes corrupted somehow. Downloading 20-30 GBs over and over is going to get really old.