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Taking Down Groups of Mobs [HEROIC]

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01.01.2012 , 12:38 PM | #1
I'll be short and to the point.

For now, I have not encountered a HEROIC mission that absolutely needed a tank specced tank (TsT) or a heal specced healer (HsH).

Off-tanks and off-healers can carry those roles fine in these types of missions.

The problem I'm seeing is that people don't know how to correctly deal with large groups of elite and semi-elite mobs. Most people think: "cc the weaker one's, we can deal with those later'"


The correct way to take down a group of mobs, even without a TsT and HsH is this:

Picture a mob group of 3-4 yellow star elites (strongs) and 2-3 silver star elites (weaks).

1) cc as many strongs as the group can...NOT THE WEAKS!!!

2) tank the remaining non cc'd strongs...DO NOT DPS YET!!!

3) burn down the weaks...DO IT FAST!!!

4) burn down the tanked strong NOW!

5) burn down the rest of the strongs, re-cc'ing as necessary.

This quickly eliminates the threat of 2-3 weak mobs that may be killing your healer or inflicting unneccesary damage on the non-specced tank (or anyone else) and allows the non-speecced healer to better focus his/her heals on the tank who is supposed to be taking most the damage.

I understand this may not work in 100% of the situations but it should be grafted into everyones playstyle as the go-to strategy for most mob groups in HEROIC missions and even some trash in Flashpoints. In fact, even with TsT and HsH, this is still the best strategy to bring down mob groups.

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01.01.2012 , 03:54 PM | #2

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01.01.2012 , 03:55 PM | #3
Really? I've need a healer at least for Heroics, but I think they should be more difficult, they seem a tad to easy at the moment to be called "heroics" and they should have some tactics.
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01.01.2012 , 03:55 PM | #4
And what level are you?
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01.01.2012 , 03:59 PM | #5
Hopefully people will read this. To many times I see people trying to kill the strongest thing instead of taking out the weak ones real quick.

One thing I'd like to add don't break CC. And use your cc even if it's 6-8 seconds w/e it is when ever it is up it should be a priority to put it on something specially at the start of the fight so it can ease up the dmg till some stuff dies.

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01.01.2012 , 04:19 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Tedstery View Post
Really? I've need a healer at least for Heroics, but I think they should be more difficult, they seem a tad to easy at the moment to be called "heroics" and they should have some tactics.
What I mean is that the healer you do need does not have to be healer specced.

Examples of specced vs non-specced healer/tank

Specced Healer: Combat Medic Commando
Non-Specced Healer: Any other Commando

Specced Tank: Defense Jedi Guardian
Non-Specced Tank: Any other Jedi Guardian

Non-specced classes are those that can somewhat do the job but are not purposefully specced towards it.

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01.27.2012 , 01:19 PM | #7

because some people still need to read this.

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01.27.2012 , 03:22 PM | #8
You will find that heroic quests get much much harder as you level up. Soon enough [Heroic 2+] means "GOOD LUCK buddy" if you don't bring 3+ people with a healer required. That isn't even the [Heroic 4] quests, where you NEED to have a tank and healer due to there being at least one champion involved and groups of 5+ with elites/strongs/normals.

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01.27.2012 , 03:27 PM | #9
I haven't run across any world mission that required a tank/healer/dps/dps group. It does it make it easier though.

I was even able to 2 man a [Heroic 4] quest (i think level 48 or so Hoth Bonus Series). We had two sorcerers a healer and a lightning DPS. The champion had 180,000 health and 3 strong adds that hit very hard. It took us 5 tries or so, but we found the correct strategy to do it. We ended up using a tank companion, and a healing companion + player healer to keep him alive, while we CC'd 2 strong targets and killed 1 at a time followed by the boss. It took a while and required good execution but was possible. It was pretty much impossible until we figured to use a 2nd healer companion to help keep the tank companion alive.

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01.27.2012 , 03:44 PM | #10
Signing off on this.

CC from strongest to weakest. Kill from weakest to strongest.