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Bigger Operations

moesashi's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 10:49 PM | #1
This is just my thoughts on Operations and how they can be improved.

Bigger operations would be overall better. You can focus on them and fix the bugs that are so apparent in the operations now and people like them better looking at WoW ICC was one of the players favorite raids. Kara, BT, Ulduar all favorite raids of the players and they are long, epic and fun as hell. And you can Focus on fixing the bugs in that one big operation and not have to release a new one that is just as buggy as last one.

If you look at the Cata raid content tier 11 people were happy with and 12,13 people are pissed because they are short and took so damn long to put out. make them bigger and more epic and people will be happy. you are now trying to put in 3 more bosses in January that the top guilds were burn through 3 new bosses isn't enough you need that long feeling to give yourself some time to fix any bugs and breathing room to create the new Operation with your 3 modes a long operation will give you plenty of time for people to get through the easy mode find the bugs and clean it up. So the top guilds aren't pissed and make forum posts on how then end game is broken and people don't leave because a top guild said the end game is broken.

If you had a 10-14 boss raid with epic fights like the one at the end of eternity vault you would have a happy raiding community. Granted i know you cant make them all like that you do need your entry level first bosses and your dps checks but when you only have 5 bosses and 1 is an entry level and 1 is a stand and do X amount of dps in X amount of time you know have over a 1/3 of your raid gone on boring mechanics

This is just my opinion from a WoW HM raiders POV and as a student in Game design if you dont agree im sorry.
Hope to get Community and Game Dev feed back because i want this game to do well.

Thank you