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New revan bug?

Morfien's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 08:28 PM | #1
So once you learn to get over Force Lightning, and get him to his 4-5% RP death. Instead he puts his shield on, takes no damage, and doesn't go into his RP phase, and continues to **** your face with Force Lightning.

Anyone else having this problem. Its awesome, thats for sure.

phlowbies's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 08:41 PM | #2
Don't transition him when he's channeling his ****.

Morfien's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 08:45 PM | #3
I figured that was the problem. So we stopped DPS during his final storm before 5%, and he still did it.

Morfien's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 09:26 PM | #4
4 times this happened, and we gave up. This is *********** ridiculous.

Cyphen's Avatar

01.03.2012 , 07:54 AM | #5
Needs to be fixed ASAP. They better have a major patchday coming up this week during maintenance. These are game breaking bugs..
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Drusillus's Avatar

01.03.2012 , 09:00 AM | #6
We had that issue as well.

We bypassed the bug by holding DPS when he channeled his lightning and his falling rocks for the entire fight.
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rolafata's Avatar

01.03.2012 , 09:23 AM | #7
Yeah quite a annoying bug, bit still it works if you use a small temporary workaround.

This has worked for us every time:

When he hits 9761 hp, he pulls out the shield. Cause of this we just stopped all dps just before 10k hp, and since we started doing that it has worked every single time.