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Why does everyone hate the prequals????

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Why does everyone hate the prequals????

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12.31.2011 , 02:29 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Sapphireshadow View Post
Jar Jar Binks....100% agree but also think that he was only slightly more annoying than gaybot was in the originals.
Ummm C3-PO? No way. He's just English.

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12.31.2011 , 04:10 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Aoladari View Post
Ummm C3-PO? No way. He's just English.
Its true, I've seen him with lady robots...

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12.31.2011 , 04:26 PM | #13
I got no idea i love the prequals.

I geus is the same as hating a move just because one actor plays it.
Even if it is the best movie on the planet haters are gonne hate it purly because of the actor.

jar jar wasnt bad sure he is stupid but that what made him lovely.

While i agree that falling to the dark side because of love has bin overdone till hell freeze's over.
I dont really think he fell because of love he fell because he was tricked.
It is that same if someone hold your loved one hostage and threated to kill him/her/it unless you do whatever he says.
Now unless you are like me and kill the kidnapper,
You do what he says.

Now my favorite charater is qui gon gin because of his father figheur nature.
What i did miss in the prequals was the humanity part.
In the originals a rebel trooper felt human. in the prequal all non plot charaters felt a number.
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12.31.2011 , 04:29 PM | #14
Personally i don't like the prequels as much because they had (at least on me) little impact, sure there were some big scenes and set pieces but they didn't make me get a feeling of a grand climactic arc like the originals, and while the romance is the explanation for an anakin's fall its poorly executed and strips away any momentum the plot tried to build up.
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12.31.2011 , 04:56 PM | #15
After experiencing the original trilogy, I had such an idealized "mad villain" image for Anakin/Vader in my mind. Something like, he was good and all that, but also power-hungry, that his hunger for power corrupted him and turned him into Vader.

Then along come the prequels, which tell me that Anakin fell to the Dark Side because...he was having DREAMS that his wife MIGHT die, and so killed whomever Sidious/Palpatine told him to (including one of his Jedi Masters, no less) so that he MIGHT be able to save his wife.

This kind of insta-transformed my view of Vader, from "powerful villain and master of awesomeness" to "whiny little boy in love, with mother issues".

The above, combined with everything that's been mentioned already (Midichlorians, ridiculously childish Episode 1, bad acting from almost everyone, silly plot holes, too much CGI effects etc), kinda ruined that magic feeling I had in mind.

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12.31.2011 , 06:08 PM | #16
The main reason I dislike the prequels is the quality of the acting. Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman give really awful performances across the board and the dialogue between them is some of the worst I've ever had the displeasure of hearing in a movie. It's like Lucas just didn't give a rats *** and the thought of Ed Wood always comes into my head.

ACTION! *Awful acting ensues...* CUT! That was perfect! Next scene!

Oh, and... Not enough Maul.

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12.31.2011 , 08:13 PM | #17
I saw the first Star Wars in theaters back in the late 70's and have been a tool for Star Wars ever since. My expectations for the prequels weren't incredibly high. I just hoped for some good movies to revisit the universe I loved when I was a kid, and that's what I got.

Here's the thing that surprised me about the public's reaction. I saw the midnight show of all three prequels when they were released. In Episode 1, the audience LOVED it. When the scroll started, the crowd applauded, and they maintained that throughout the film. They cheered the Jedi when they were slicing through battle droids. They LOVED it when Qui Gon started cutting through the door. There were several comments about the beauty when they were swimming to meet Boss Nass. There were gasps when Qui Gon met his fate, and cheers when Maul met his.

Those people left the theater completely high with how much they loved that movie.

Then, a week later, those same people were arguing with me that it was awful.

Now, I understand how sometimes you can think about something more and change your opinion on it, but I've never seen it so dramatic and so fast.

The same thing happened with Episode 2. I just find it very odd.

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12.31.2011 , 08:29 PM | #18
the originals were about a small group of people conquering evil, or a small group of terrorists toppling a legitimate governing force.

the new ones are about a whiny brat surround by CG, oh yeah and the ruining of Darth Vader.
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12.31.2011 , 08:43 PM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by Hidalgo View Post
the originals were about a small group of people conquering evil, or a small group of terrorists toppling a legitimate governing force.

the new ones are about a whiny brat surround by CG, oh yeah and the ruining of Darth Vader.
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12.31.2011 , 08:45 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by MasterDarkstar View Post
Oh, and... Not enough Maul.
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