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Issue in The Esseles Flashpoint **spolier**

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12.31.2011 , 12:12 PM | #31
Actually, as I play on an RP server I see it as a great roleplay opportunity.

It's safe to assume that the evil guy went and did something against the party's wishes so I act in character and yell at the guy in party chat as my character.

This results in one of the following things:

1) The party realise what I'm doing, joins in and we all have fun with a little ad-hoc roleplay that usually continues for the entire mission/flashpoint.

2) The guy I'm yelling at while in character isn't a roleplayer or is one but doesn't feel up to it, but joins in anyway for a laugh.

3) The guy isn't a roleplayer, takes it seriously and gets abusive. In that case he tends to just get booted by the leader and reported to a GM for abuse.
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01.01.2012 , 12:19 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Amharic View Post
OP, put yourself in the other person's shoes. Should they have to get dragged down your storyline instead?

Is it not just more fair to decide it with a roll of the dice?
Yes, in fact I did and this applies to him as well. The only difference is, he did not notice anything unusual because he coincidentally won both rolls and his story played out in his favor.

Look, my point is not to deter from different storylines. I actually think its a great thing. My point was specific to this instance and how drastic the choices can go from left to right.

Think of it this way. Lets pretend that you write word for word the entire script as soon as you enter The esseles. You choose your answers and for the most part they are consistant with how the script plays out.

then someone else chooses a dark option, wins the roll, and then all future conversation wheels now give you answers along that path which are quite contrary to your first choices.

If you were to read that script from start to finish, you would think the writer of the script is schizophrenic or seriously has plot holes like swiss cheese.

Thats my point. I could write an entire script word for word to display exactly what I am talking about but it would be a spoiler.