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Curious: Huttball

Mastersix's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 09:21 AM | #1
I'm really not "in" with the whole PvP/Huttball sucks or anything...I rather enjoy the PvP in the game even though there isn't much content i cant imagine what it will be like in the future , it has a lot of potential.

Huttball is not a bad game at all, But Some circumstances It really isn't balanced at all.

But lately there has been a lvl 50 Sith marauder who can literally carry a whole team to win lol its wild. besides pulling people over vents... All he has to do is go to the bottom level wait for some1 to spawn and He just charges at someone that is coming out of spawn...and scores
How can you really defend against that when they have a lot of pvp gear and with no brackets you almost would have to try to die before reaching that bottom level.

Then also Grapple, Being able to grapple people into the fire doesn't really make any sense... you cant really defend against that at all let alone get away from it. lol ive also heard about people grappling people into spawn to instantly kill them .

Just curious on what other people do to defend against things like that . Thanks

Sugarpill's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 09:24 AM | #2
I don't run directly down the center when I see a ball carrier in the pit below. I skirt near my goal line, where he can't target me, then I drop down the opposite side he's on. As for Grapple... I get grappled into fire by Powertechs all the time and inevitably die. Nothing I can really do about that.

Also, when a Sith Warrior Marauder/Juggy has the ball, I don't chill on the catwalks using Force Lightning because I naturally assume he's smart enough to jump to me. I usually drop down to his level (after I've done my best to KD any allies he has up top to pass to) and kite.