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Vette's primary stat

Vargo's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 07:13 AM | #1
In the codex it says her primary stat is cunning since it's supposed to increase her tech damage, However, I find that most of her abilities so far are pure weapon damage. Anyone here tried focusing on her aim rather than cunning to see if it makes her more effective?

MisterCatSmith's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 07:34 AM | #2
Cunning and Aim both provide the same bonus to ranged damage as far as I could tell. However she also uses some explosives from time to time, which Aim does not help with. Also I believe Cunning adds to her Critical Damage/Chance and Aim does not.

Tonoftw's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 08:50 AM | #3
just get IA gear and mods.. and she will be fine for damage.
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