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Repairing cost and anoying things

Droodey's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 05:14 AM | #1

I want to run heroics but.....

A full repair costs me 100k gold,

The dailies give about 100k gold (after about 3 hours doing them all)

This is hopeless as especially learning heroics where you are wipeing alot. After a full repair i am basically eating in the the cash im going to earn tomorrow, Its not long before I am in the situation I am now which is bugger all cash do do anything and Im waiting till tomorrows dailies to be able to get enough money to do something.

The only other source of income is crafting which is a money sync as it is. PVP gives gold but im sort of sick to death of hutball, WTB option not to que for it.......

Also what is with the badges for tier 1 gear, I will have to run 200 heroics to get 1 piece as I get 1 commendation per run. This is absalutly ridiculous . You get a tier 2 drop of end bosses, people will have 3-4 pieces of tier 2 before they can afford a tier 1 piece with badges, hell why even bother even going for tier 1 when you can just pvp and get a full set of champion gear in 1 week, AND YOUDONT GET A 100k+ repair bill a day

You have made the lowest tier of gear the hardest to get. Youve made PVE cost to much.

Either lower repair costs or up the income earned from dailies etc, I mean If I die once on a daily the 7-8k I get from doing the daily is basically wasted. This needs a fix.

If anyone has a solution to this or I am doing something wrong with respect to running out of money to do stuff in this game please enlighten me as standing around doing nothing waiting for dailies to do so I can have gold to do something is getting on my nerves.

How am I supposed to come home from work each day do 3 hours worth of dailies to be able tot run heroics. I never had this problem in Rift, WOW, EQ, WAR or any other mmo

TPBHatchet's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 06:20 AM | #2

Run your dailies, you get 200k from the dailies... and there isn't anything to spend credits on at endgame besides repairs, stims, and medpacks. Everything else is obtained through tokens, or BoP drops on hard modes. (at least gear-wise)

Also, by dailies, i mean PvP dailies as well. PvP is free moneyz... not that you need it at 50, as everything is bought with some form of a token.
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Droodey's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 06:31 AM | #3
Repairs are the problem mate, Like I said it costs me 100k to repair , and I would like to see this 200k worth of gold you get from the dailies please enlighten me, and like I said must I spend 3 hours a day doing dailies so I can have 1 full repair bill.

Your points however valid do not address the issue at all,

RenegadeBremis's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 06:33 AM | #4
How the hell...does it cost you 100K credits for one full repair?

I'm a trooper vanguard tank in ALL epics and it costs me a maximum of 45K credits to repair from red....

Your doin something wrong...

Droodey's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 06:41 AM | #5
Cant be doing anything wrong when I click the repair all button and it says 97k, Im an assassin tank.

Moodsie's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 07:24 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Droodey View Post
Cant be doing anything wrong when I click the repair all button and it says 97k, Im an assassin tank.
Theres 15 dailies if you do both planets every day with Heroics, you gain from rewards + drops easily 250k a day. I am sitting at 2 million credits at the moment myself, and I have bought everything I want.
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Tonoftw's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 08:42 AM | #7
Yeh there is no way that a repair costs that much for leather.. when heavy armour costs a max of 50k in all red.. Pics or i call BS
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bluescrn_ofdeath's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 08:45 AM | #8
You should be able to enjoy group content without having to grind dailies!

If the game is going to force me to grind dailies just to run lv50 content, I won't be playing for long at lv50.

The whole concept of 'doing your dailies' just plain sucks, and adding them was perhaps the worst thing the Blizzard did to WoW. Not so bad if you're doing them to earn gear upgrades - but you shouldn't be forced to do them just to 'pay the bills'.

Especially with the 'bad old days' single-spec/escalating respec costs system, too...

Lord_Itharius's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 10:44 AM | #9
I think it's fine. They just need to normalize the hard mode flashpoint difficulty so that unavoidable boss mechanics aren't unhealable (lol Boarding Party).

And dailies suck. My fellow guild officer told me I have to run dailies to get the epic mods to do hard modes past Black Talon/False Emperor and I was like "lolnope." I'm just waiting on crafted gear myself. The PvP is unplayably laggy so that's not an option :-/

Sitting in Imperial Fleet all day queueing up crafting missions. Good times.
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12.31.2011 , 03:12 PM | #10
My highest repair bill was maybe 60k? I'm a Guardian Tank... and the dailies don't really take that long once you've done them a few times, as your geared, you can blast through them pretty easily, and quickly.
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