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400 Armstech here - Whats the point

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400 Armstech here - Whats the point

torhent's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 05:06 AM | #1
So I have 400 armstech and I'm level 50.

I just got an artifact level barrel for my scoundrel to use at lvl 49 and it does 124 base damage. Meanwhile on Ilum, for 8 commendations I can get a better barrel that does 126 base damage and better stats.

I ding to 400 and add in the lvl 50 blue scattergun (street sweeper) recipe and I see it requires materials from Operations or Flashpoints on Hard mode. I then go to the PVP vendor on Carrick Station and for 24 Centurion tokesn I can get an artifact shotgun that has better stats all around.

Why Armstech is pointless:
I have 400 Armstech but I don't use it because it makes vastly inferior gear than what I can get from PVP'ing or doing basic quests. There is absolutely no point to armstech in the game. This is a fail. Whoever is the crafting lead, does not understand game balance and basic mechanics of a crafting system. I truly hope Bioware can get someone with a better background in crafting because what SWTOR offers now makes little to no sense at the moment. The entire crewskill system is a jumbled mess.
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12.31.2011 , 05:12 AM | #2
Same for like every other crafting skill expect biochem which is just g0dlike in comparsion.

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12.31.2011 , 08:34 AM | #3
I was going to make this same post. I am most likely switching to Biochem myself. I expected arms tech to have better guns then vendors at the very least. Even the barrels are not as good. Then I don't think there are even patterns in raids for better guns. Why are the professions even in the game if nothing they make is better??? They need a point or its just a scam.

FoE_Neologic's Avatar

12.31.2011 , 08:59 AM | #4
I think all the crew skills should be able to make gear that is almost as effective as end game items in that respective type but have it be BOP. This includes base items and modifications. I wouldnt suggest it would not be as good as say Champ or Rakata gear but close enough that people could suppliment items until getting to that point. This could add alot of diversity in the way players look and play.

I would also like to see the BOP crafting mats be available from critical gathering. I really dont know why I need to get armor schematics from my gathering skill that is used for making weapons. Just does not make sense. Critical crafting missions are rare enough that it would not be game breaking to actually give the crafters something unique to use.

I am hanging with armstech and hoping they fix the broken crewskills soon. Unfortunatly I am not sure how long I can hold out. If it does not get fixed we will have biochem being the only crew skill very soon.