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Bioware, you suck with continuity

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Bioware, you suck with continuity

DarthMoord's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 02:42 AM | #41
You know there's another more likely alternative everyone's overlooking. In antiquity it was common for an important individual to begin construction of his tomb within his lifetime. Thus it likely is Sadows tomb, he doesn't necessarily have to be buried there for it to be his. There's also the matter that the True Sith Empire seems to be dynastic with all the talk of birthright, so most likely the tomb is for a family but named for the progenitor who constructed. Thusly the lightsaber would belong to a distantly related Sadow farther down the line and probably buried in ritualistic garb.
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Shalynn_Bast's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 02:47 AM | #42
Hate to burst your Rage/rant but thats not Sadow's remains if you read the In game lore...Derp..