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Nekghoul taris mission

GinInJam's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 08:07 PM | #1
So I just did a mission on taris involving nekghouls(force using rakghouls) being trained by jedi in the sewers, I fight my way through them, and bring the jedi and to his knees after killing the nekghoul guards.
I then have the choice to kill everything or convert the ghouls. I convert them to the darkside and they use DARKSIDE abilities to kill a JEDI. This leads to me getting 150 LS points.
Am I honestly the only person that sees something completely wrong with this? rakghouls were MADE by the sith. There is several missions associated with driving them against the republic as well as one sith lord calling them her children. It goes all the way up to the point of them using the dark side infront of you, and yet that is still considered the light side?
The sith agenda to me has always looked like doing anything for power, not mindless killing yet apparently that idea is totally thrown out in this case, even when the mission NPC tells you you did a great job in securing nekghoul forces for the sith.
Is this all there is to look forward to this game? dark side choices just for the sake of being darkside. I understand letting them live SOUNDS like a good thing but it's for a dark cause. at the least it should be three choices, spare them and let them live in hiding for 150 LS, convert them and let them kill the jedi for say 50 DS, or kill everything for 150DS /rant