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Imperial Agent class questline bugged.

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Imperial Agent class questline bugged.

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12.30.2011 , 05:08 PM | #1
I am stuck at the end of the imperial agent mission "The Fall of House Cortess". I've completed everything 4 times now trying both light and dark side options. Every time it gets stuck at the end of the mission where my objective is "Use Your Ship's Holoterminal". When using the terminal it starts the conversation sequence at the end of the Tatooine class quest series. I have tried numerous things such as traveling between the two planets not using a speeder when entering phases so Vector is always out etc. The holoterminal remains usable and repeats that same conversation every time. I have submitted an in-game ticket which was a whole lot of useless. This has been debilitating my play as I cannot progress my class quest get new companions start on legacy etc. I have been leveling on planets without the class quests and have gotten up to 39. Vector is still a guest companion and I can't send him on crew missions but can raise his affection. My character is named Else on server Infinite Empire. Some assistance would be great. Thank you.