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Elaborating a little further on companion romance and what it's for

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Elaborating a little further on companion romance and what it's for

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12.30.2011 , 05:04 PM | #1
I want to elaborate further on the issue, The romancing options in itself is nice to have in the game, But in the end-game scenario. what is it really good for? you get some bonuses for crew skills among a small array of other things.

So it really isn't -that- important. Makes me wonder why they want to make everything so unique, and not just a basic "oh baby you're so hot" monotone line of text for everyone and every gender.. The oh-so-wonderful make-out animations we have now can be applied to any character., just to satisfy the needy that DO want to romance specific companions, be they male/female or alien

Make it so you can only have romantic progression with ONE companion at a time, and not herd your companions around like a personal harem.
The bonuses they give can vary for all i care, but you'll have to start from scratch after breaking up with one companion.

However one-sided this solution is, and wouldn't really offer much story-wise to the availability of romantic options, i think its still the best choice. it keeps people happy.

It makes people want to choose a favourite companion, and leading up from the thread about the limited female romancing options, fixes that problem as well.