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Sound stutter and 1-2second freezes with loud sounds

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Sound stutter and 1-2second freezes with loud sounds

otteranglais's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 04:30 PM | #1
Hello there,

I've been playing as a smuggler up to level 25, loved every second of it and no hiccups yet.
HOWEVER, when i try to play as a sith warrior, im not very efficient... it seems whenever theres too loud a sound, ie a lightsaber swipe/hit, then my sound stutters and my screen freezes for a second or so. As you can understand, playing as a sith warrior and freezing whenever your lightsaber makes a noise is quite bad.

The problem is: i turned off the sound effects (turned down to 0% in preferences) and the game still freezes for a few seconds when i swipe during a fight.

I dont have a soundcard, its 'onboard sound' which i think means its built into my motherboard. My motherboards drivers are up to date i think...

Has anyone got any suggestions as to why my game is doing this?