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Agrinium plz help

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04.26.2012 , 06:00 PM | #11
*shrug* And in about 2 hours of play that lower level purple mod is out of date, and that low level content you can pretty much blow through regardless of how well equipped you are.

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04.26.2012 , 06:22 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by remainderman View Post
I agree that you don't need agrinium for leveling. But you might want to sell purple lower level mods on the GTN. (I know I would buy them as I leveled instead of making them or waiting to get enough help to run a flashpoint). As far as it not being worthwhile, I would disagree. A blue lvl 15 armoring mod has a 46 armor rating where as a purple has a 50 rating. If you have the 5 mod-able pieces that you can now buy off the legacy vendor on Coruscant, it is a significant increase in your armor. This can make a significant difference in your ability to stay alive or even in killing mobs faster. Agrinium is also needed in making the mods, although the difference between a blue mod and a purple isn't as stark as in the armoring.
I agree with all of this. Unfortunately, I'm an armormech on my main! The real problem, though, that I find is that while you absolutely destroy mobs it's not worth the time and effort to use 4 purple metals and 2 purple gems to max out with purple armoring. I made a smuggler and used the purple metals for her (and Corso, her companion's) armor- RE'd artifact armors, not oranges (until I shipped some augmented items over when she was high enough to use them.) I had to hold off on upgrading the moddings (luckily they do last a while at purple, but it is costly.)

48 hours after starting the character I was level 27 and on Alderaan. Things were dying left and right and I was no longer even caring about stopping to heal up until I was at 30% or so. I'd just smash attacks, even pulling 3 groups of the Czerka guys in the last bunker on Tatooine at once (accidentally, but wow, did they die fast!) Most of my armor was the purple stuff and all of Corso's was as well. That was enough for overkill. And it was around 1/3 of the cost of full orange modding per purple.

In my opinion, purple mods, armorings and enhancements are GREAT. The real issue is you level so fast (even moreso with them!) that they're not worth the intrinsic cost of time and materials since you can get a level in an hour or two, which is not long enough to RE up to and make the items if you want to do it yourself. It's far easier to get other items and keep them up to date. I'm not saying this because my main is an armormech- for over a month I sold tons of mods/armorings within the ^&*% 50 limit auction limit and have all the blue trained schematics for both, as well as over half the purples now. I could slam into that market if it were cost effective for the average player. Which leads to:

One DEFINITE problem I have with modding oranges is that around the level 33-35 range the purples take 4! (that's 4 with emphasis, not 4 factorial) 4! metals! That pretty much puts it out of price range, even for me. I was working on my Assassin this morning and realized that I still had level 33ish blues at level 48.

By the time a player reaches this level he or she usually has had enough planetary commisions to equip both the character and one or more companions with a full set of planet gear. With the cost of the metals requiring a high price and the surplus of future commendations (as well as the loads of mod/armor/enhancements as rewards for missions) it makes far more sense to go to the planet comm vendors and NOT to the GTN.

Meh, enough talk, off for more beer. If I left any loose strings, I'm more concerned about my spelling than completing thoughts atm. Have fun, y'all!

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04.26.2012 , 06:28 PM | #13
Another thing with Agrinium is that people have to be willing to sell them cheaply.

If you put Agrinium up for 4 digit prices, it's not likely to move considering that it's covering a level range that is easy to level through, like others said.

(It was nice putting up +crit/surge gear on level 13-15 items though!)