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Sith inquisitor companions.

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Sith inquisitor companions.

xenrail's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 12:49 PM | #1
So far, the companions that i got are overall a bit of a letdown, especially when you want to go full darkside.

Khem, the dashade is a kickass guy, too bad you're always stuck listening to gibberish when he speaks.

And he's about the only one that copes with dark and fearless choices well.

Andronikos is a retard, And unless you're into the whole lover-boy romance, getting his affection up with dark choices ain't gonna work at all.

Ashara Zavros seems like something awesome, and the quest to it,
but then rep grinding isn't going to work unless you make 'rational dark-side' choices. and don't even get near killing any jedi with her, thats insta lose.
The fact she's still all light-side minded after you've gotten her as a companion makes me cry. The jedi consular's Nadia Grell which is like the counterpart of Ashara seems to be pro-lightside and fits the lightside-role perfectly. *confused*
Apparently allso the only female companion you get. (and is such a prude) Sadface.

I'm not sure if ashara is prone to change as you progress her affection. Or if the other two companions are any better than this. But i'm a little dissapointed so-far.
Khem seems like the -only- viable option.