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Rated vs. Unrated Flashpoints and Operations (DPS/HPS meter idea)

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Rated vs. Unrated Flashpoints and Operations (DPS/HPS meter idea)

jmanoman's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 12:20 PM | #1
I've been reading a lot of "we want DPS meters" threads that contain just about as many replies opposing the idea as those for the idea. What if the group leader could choose to record and display the DPS/HPS, damage taken, deaths, etc. or not to record it. It would available for display after each boss fight much like the exact same information is displayed after a Warzone (you can see your DPS/HPS by mousing over your damage/healing done after a Warzone). This information could be placed in the Codex or an additional menu on the toolbar and could contain avg. "x", highest "x", most recent "x" where x is the stat (DPS, HPS, Damage taken, Deaths).

An issue players seem to have with damage/heal meters from other MMO's is that people tend to base players ability to play the game off of where they are on the meter. On the other hand, many players believe that having these meters is necessary to make the best of their talent tree, gear, and rotation; bettering themselves by comparing numbers to gear/talent/rotation decisions. One way to give both groups what they want is to allow the group to decide whether they want the FP/OP that they are running to be "rated" (stats are recorded and available for display, allowing people to have fun w/the numbers) or unrated (nothing is recorded and everyone can have fun w/out worrying about numbers). A second option would be to make all FP/OP's recorded, but only allow the player to see his/her numbers and not everyone else's. This would allow the player to better themselves (gear, rotation, spec related of course), but would prevent them from unnecesary scrutiny and possibly ridicule from other players.

Personally, I like the first option. Either way, I'd really like to see something like this put into play. Bioware, you already have DPS/HPS meters rolling for display in PvP. Could you please put something similar in for PvE. Thank you.

Mallorik's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 12:29 PM | #2
Anyone running a raid with dps checks are not going to choose to turn the dps meters off, Almost every Ops boss fight in this game has an enrage timer and in hardmodes and nightmare modes the timers are pretty damn short , dps meters will really help the middleclass gamers the most, the crazy hardcores already know how to pump out the dps, and the strange people who are militantly against dps meters cant be saved anyways.