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Khem's tanking needs to be improved

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Khem's tanking needs to be improved

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01.02.2012 , 08:53 AM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by Faerfall View Post
So, because I chose to roll Assassin, I should use the robot (contributes nothing to the story) after Drommund Kass and until Tatooine and then the pirate (who 1) I dislike and 2) can't tank aggro from me) rather than the companion I actually like?

Last I checked this was a story based MMO, and the story is actually a very important component to me.
Okay, well, Khem used to be a much stronger tank in beta, and he was TOO good for those ACs who can heal, so they toned him down. A tank is MUCH stronger in the hands of a ranged/healing character than for a melee type. There's no way to make khem really "balanced" for both the assassin and sorcerer, so they balanced it for the sorcerer and expect the assassin to use something else for tough fights.

I snipped the rest of your post but I do get what you're saying and I sympathize quite a bit (even though it probably seems like I don't). I don't know what the proper solution is other than to group up with other players while leveling. It seems that you are expected to not use the positional/DPS nature of assassin when you are solo, which obviously is another strike against it for your (and others) enjoyment.
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01.02.2012 , 10:21 AM | #72
once you get to around level 30, Khem is useless regardless of gear.. quit wasting your time with him

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01.02.2012 , 11:05 AM | #73
One last thing of advice, lock Khem's spell/actions to the left command bar, he can do far more than the 4 options shown on the bottom left. It'll take some time but you can learn to use him.

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01.02.2012 , 01:59 PM | #74
Quote: Originally Posted by Cruoris View Post
You need to keep Khem geared if you want him to be able to keep aggro off you as you improve your gear... Logic.
You haven't read many of the comments here.

Most the people who are legitimately concerned are the ones that have dropped their life savings into gearing Khem often better than themselves and still find themselves in trouble.

No amount of gearing is helping him survive that much better as his toughness doesn't seem to be no where near it should be.

Bottom line. Khem needs a buff. ESPECIALLY for sins...

Suggestion --- Assassin training would offer a descent Armour bonus to Tanking companions as a passive or re-look at Khem's amour and shield bonus's and figure out if there is a mathematical programming error that isn't calculating the values correctly..

I suggest both.
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01.02.2012 , 03:06 PM | #75
Quote: Originally Posted by Scelerant View Post
I switched to Telos when I got him just because his healing kept me alive longer than Khem's tanking did. Even with his gear being pretty much equal to mine I saw him go from 100 - 50 before the mob was at 70% and that's with me as a Deception Assassin.
This is definitely taken to affect for my Assassin. I have to constantly switch from Khem to me being off tank just to take a 5 trash mob. Not right. While I understand that Sorcerers are obviously not having a problem with their shield and heals, the Assassin then should be given something to mirror this effect. Not heals but maybe Dark Charge applies to Khem as well? Or while using Dark Charge the Guard ability (which is useless for pve) should have an increase in armor?

Something can easily be done to not add to the Assassins' PVP but help them out for PVE by using Khem.

BTW with Assassins it really makes it hard to have any real good companion to use. I switch between heals and Khem (now Xalek) constantly trying to find a medium.

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01.02.2012 , 03:10 PM | #76
Actually the more I think about it, why not use the Assassins' Channel the Force (the 3 reg) being able to be used more often (20 min cooldown is ridiculious). Or have as a constant passive as long as you have a companion [and/or a particular charge]. This would enable Assassins a better PVE and not mess anything with the PVP.