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Whats in a name?

AhhRealMonsters's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 02:37 AM | #1
I finally gave in, and i'm planing on making a sith. Problem is, I need help with a name! I've looked up the names of sith lords, how they got them and things like that, and figured I might as well pick something that suits my characters name.

The sad part is that I have only some up with one name..and it sounds..terrible to say the least. Terious; coming from the word dexterous.

Any help would be great!

Cosmonauty's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 02:43 AM | #2
I was having the same trouble as you and I thought I would had my own two cents because I know how much it sucks.

I managed to come up with two names I love. Darth Cygon and Darth Rathus. Cygon really appeals to me because in my opinion it give the feeling of a dark, powerful and merciless Sith lord. Rathus, which is my favorite of the two, gives off the feeling of a dark and foreboding Sith lord, hence the Wrath sounding name, who is also quite intellectual. I really like these names and can assure you once you think of an awesome name it will really grow on you.

As for picking these names...
Cygon sort of just came to me, it flowed well with the Sith Juggernaut archetype and the name itself sounds strong.

Rathus I made by taking the word Wrath and adding the Us to the end of it. This was because of the names like Sidious, Nihilus, Jadus and Malgus.

Sorry for babbling but the Sith name was always interesting to me. Hope you can find something you like! Again, sorry for the long reply.

AhhRealMonsters's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 02:52 AM | #3
Not a long reply at all.