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Khem Val Healing

Victros's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 09:08 PM | #1
As a Lightning spec Sorceror, do you have to heal Khem much while soloing? Seems like it would kind of take the fun out of what otherwise looks like a cool DPS spec.

Victros's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 09:47 PM | #2
Anyone know? Thanks!

HagenVonTronje's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 11:07 PM | #3
Not really, no. Post 30 you'll want to start bubbling him when he goes in to pull but you won't heal him often. Even against a really hard elite, you're better off not wasting the casting time to heal him, just bubble him for the most part and use stuns if he needs more time.

You will need to keep him reasonably geared if you expect decent tanking, and you will have to rest between large pulls though.