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How the Rakghoul on Taris are explained ?

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How the Rakghoul on Taris are explained ?

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12.30.2011 , 01:55 PM | #11
Yeah, they originate from Karness Muur and his talisman crafted through the use of Sith Alchemy and Sorcery.

The infection is actually one of the most insidious creations of the Dark Side to date, by my reckoning. Muur creates it. It then leaves his sphere-of-control and settles into a biosphere entrenching itself like a true biological organism. That there have been pharmacological treatments/cures only hints at it's subtlety. It responds to same, but cannot be eradicated by such as mere drugs cannot stem the tide of the Dark Side's corruptive effects through the organelles that most every lifeform has and cannot do without...that being the organelle that ties lifeforms to the Force to begin with....midichlorians.

The midichlorians aren't light-side exclusive connectors to the Force, thus allowing the Dark Side to work nearly unimpeded on a biological lifeform to infect and rapidly mutate said being into the Rakghoul end-state.

He gets little mention, but Muur was as gifted in his abilities as Palpatine or Sadow were in theirs.
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