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You Can't Change Your Advanced Class!?!?!

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You Can't Change Your Advanced Class!?!?!

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06.19.2012 , 09:43 AM | #511
Quote: Originally Posted by Azrienov View Post
Wrong! FFXI was a class changing game where you could play thief, then switch to paladin, then switch to warrior, and so on and so forth. So there ARE MMOs where you can change your class. He might be from one :P Never speak in absolutes, the universe has a way of coming back to bite you when you do.
Sorry bud, you're trying to mislead people with what you're saying about FFXI. While you could technically change your class in FFXI, you still had to level up each class on its own.

If you were a level 30 WAR (Warrior) and wanted to play a BLM (Black Mage) instead, then yes, you could go to your Mog House and simply change your class (BLM was available at the start, but many classes had somewhat involved quest chains to unlock them). However, if you had never played BLM before, then you would not be changing to a level 30 BLM, but rather a level 1 BLM.

In effect, FFXI was no different than TOR. While you could technically change classes, each different class still had to be leveled independently. Therefore, the only difference from the FFXI system is that you kept the same character (name, race, inventory, etc.) between classes, where on TOR you use a separate one.

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06.19.2012 , 03:11 PM | #512
Quote: Originally Posted by HossDelgado View Post
I've been playing the Imperial Agent for a few days now. At level 10, after much consideration, I decided to go operative over sniper because it seemed like a cool class that snuck around and then stabbed people. However, after awhile I decided that operative was much too slow and had pitiful damage output, so I just thought to myself "well I tried out operative and didn't like it, I should probably go sniper". That's when I found out that YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE YOUR ADVANCED CLASS. Why wouldn't Bioware let players change their advanced class. At this point I was level 18 and if I wanted to go sniper I would have to repeat about 3 days of work. I have loved this game so far, but this is the first major issue that I have run into. I hate myself for saying this, but WoW did it better.
Perhaps next time read the fine print when your trainer tells you can't change your class once you choose your path. But in hindsight you would never have known what you like until you play the class. If you chosed sniper over operative than you might have made the same complaint.

Either way an Operative is a kick *** class. Try leathality spec or stealth. Beside DPS you can also be a healer with Operative. A sniper is just dps.

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07.01.2012 , 06:06 AM | #513
Quote: Originally Posted by Razdek View Post
Even something like after 10 levels (at lvl 20) your trainer asks you "were you satisfied with your training?" And you are given the opportunity to either continue as ur AC or have a one time only swap.
I think this would be a great solution

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07.01.2012 , 10:24 AM | #514
Quote: Originally Posted by Xzulld View Post
Its an architectural decision. They decided to go this route early in development and now its pretty set bro.
***? architectural huh? you maybe wanna re-think using that word when describing AC's? lawl pretentious people crack me up

Quote: Originally Posted by X-Funk View Post
Things change, deal with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by JP_Legatus View Post
Yeah bro, cuz objectives are for suckers. Wizards vs barbarians is where it's at
Quote: Originally Posted by iiell View Post
I suggest they make a new forum called, "The QQ Forum"

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07.01.2012 , 04:53 PM | #515
There should probably be a training room type thing with some training dummies or holographic gangsters or something that you could test out an Advanced Class, but it would also give you temporary use of some abilities of the class, an option below the choices to inspect or select a class could be a Test button that teleports you to, for example the Operative training room, where you can sneak around and backstab holographic swoop gang members, heal wounded Imperial Troops and you would have a handful of the generic Operative abilities to allow you to do this, but you could also go to the sniper training room, where you could be in a long hallway type place where you could test out the increased range you gain as a sniper and use the interrogation probe, and use some other sniper abilities. You just stay in as long as you need to to get the idea of what the class does as well as get a preference for which advanced class you like to play more, instead of just going off of what the description describes.
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07.02.2012 , 03:12 AM | #516
Quote: Originally Posted by KahlessUK View Post
I think this would be a great solution
i don't people need to read and then deal with what they picked. If reading is too hard for them and they just skip everything the game tells then then they need to start over.

I for one am sick and tired of MMOs catering to the lazy whiny little brats that want everything without doing anything.

It says THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED when you pick you AC so deal with it. Leveling 1-10 takes 2 hours its not like you lost a month of your life.

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07.02.2012 , 08:37 AM | #517
Quote: Originally Posted by Hizoka View Post
It says THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED when you pick you AC so deal with it. Leveling 1-10 takes 2 hours its not like you lost a month of your life.
Leveling 1-10 takes 2 hours. How much does leveling 1-50 take? Or getting full Rakata/BH or WH gear? Re-roll is an option if you've spent a week or two playing (no point talking about having just reached level 14/15), but not if you have spent a month or even more. As many other players, I have spent months on my main and I have no intention on just re-rolling and letting all this go to waste.
Advanced class change should be implemented and NO, it will not destroy the game - just add more freedom of choice to it. Again advanced class change, not sage->sentinel, trooper-> gunslinger change (some people seem to not understand what others are asking). Basic classes are the same (notice the separate trooper / vanguard tabs in the ability menu?), no matter the AC you pick the story is also the same.
"But WoW doesn't have it", WoW doesn't have ACs and besides, why should they just stick to what WoW has? Have it implemented but at a cost - a couple of million creds, a lengthy quest perhaps? Something that makes you work for it, not just get it straight away. Also, have a lockout period of a month or the ability to change it just once.

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07.02.2012 , 11:38 AM | #518
I think there was a game which got a system which we could use.

For example. You leveled a LvL50 Vanguard. And you got Rakata Gear.
Now you can reset your level to LvL10 (your Gear can be stored). And you level to 50 again (with a Commando). From this Point on you can always switch between Commando and Vanguard.
Problem solved. Only disadvantage for you is that you can't join raids for up to two weeks while leveling.

I think I would appreciate this System. The more I think about it the better it sound

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07.03.2012 , 06:23 PM | #519
At this point they should just do away with base classes. Let's have 8 playable classes per each faction from level 1, with sufficient warning that Sentinel and Guardian will share the same storyline etc.

That way probably nobody would keep asking for being able to switch from a mobile melee self-healing stealth class to a static ranged class on the fly.

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07.04.2012 , 04:25 PM | #520
I think they should definitely allow players to change to the other Advanced Class. Atleast once, if they accidentally picked the wrong one or were ignorant about it. It's just skillsets and weapon proficiencies. I don't see why they couldn't implement it.
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