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Disappointment of a Game, READ FAST

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Disappointment of a Game, READ FAST

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12.29.2011 , 04:00 PM | #1
CREDITS- Thank you to everyone who has helped the list become what it is today. Your valued input has been very appreciated and has helped this post reach great heights!

I waited for this game for a long time. I really tried to like it. I kept telling myself, "It will get better, it will get better." It won't. And even if some things change for the better, I am playing right now aren't I? and I want the experience to be enjoyable right now.

Note- When I compare anything to other mmo's, dont say,"Oh go back to WoW if it was so good." I'm just comparing it so you can better understand what I'm talking about, so stop QQing all over the post. Remember, to each his own. This is MY opinion, and I'm entitled to it.

Overall, this game is NOT an mmo. It's a single player RPG with minimum mmo content in it to call it an mmorpg, solely to make money.

Now for the original post-

-The light and dark side choices are useless. I always wanted to do different choices both dark and light, but in order for it to actual be useful (barely as it is), I have to pick either ALL dark or ALL light choices. This game was supposed to be built on how I control my destiny, yet it rewards the mainstream path and leaves variability to rot

-No chat bubbles. Enough said. And stop commenting that it's an easy fix, because you look like an idiot. If it was an easy fix, it would have been fixed in beta, let alone now after weeks past launch

-The fact that there are different "instances" for everywhere and everything. If I join a group with someone, I usually have to travel to their "instance" or world pretty much to see and do stuff with them. It's pretty much an entire different server with combined chat functions. Completely destroys a big portion of the social aspect of MMO's. And even worse, you have to wait 30 minutes to switch again to a different instance. So if you switched servers to join the one your group was in for a heroic quest and then want to go back to where my friends were or even another group of people for a different quest, sorry, you have to wait 30 minutes.

-PvP is broken, and cannot be repaired, at least for a year or two. Let me say it again, the pvp in this game is trash. Mixing all lvls together in warzones?! Really? Yah balance our health and the damage of our moves, but do you honestly think as a lvl 19 I have enough spells to take on even a lvl 38 who has many cc's, stuns, and pew pew moves? I pretty sure whoever thought of this system must have been on something.

-No reward for world pvp. So what's the point of even killing any of the opposing faction if I'm going to get NOTHING in return? I love world pvp, and it's fun to have epic battles with opposing faction members, but can't I at least get some valor points?!?! Even wow had honor to give for that

-The actual warzones BLOW. Ok huttball is cool at first, but gets old TOO fast. Alderaan is sooo bad. SO bad. Its small first off, and all you do is aoe and fight around three points that are 10-second walks from each other.

-Queing for pvp puts you in que for ALL the warzones. Why do I not to get to choose which warzone I want to play? Not that I would want to play any of them anyway because of how bad they are, but if I only liked one specific warzone, it would be so annoying to have to pray to be able to play it

-The planets r mostly small. its like if earth was a planet, the entire zone would be the size of upstate new york. you call that a planet? there are a FEW fairly sized planets, but u fly by them quickly and never see them again.

-The planets themselves, however small they are, are SO poorly designed and have no open space. The mountains and different environmental terrains make it so I follow a linear path to wherever my quest is. No openness at all. In wow, the zones were so open and I felt free to go wherever, I had breathing space. In this game, it doesn't feel real at all, feels like they wanted to use less memory space so they restriced the environment of the planets, as if they weren't small in the first place. I was hoping for more of a sandbox setting, but I got something worse that I ever thought possible for an MMO

-The music. Wait, what music? There IS no music. You only hear music occasionally when you get into those harder battles with the elite NPC's and such. Other then that, you wouldn't even be able to give the music in this game a rating because there barely is any

-The auction house or whatever its called is just a mess. You can't even search for anything. You have to go through a huge list of detailed options to identify EXACTLY what you are looking for before you can even type anything. If I want to see the prices for something I'm going to sell, I'm not going to spend 5 minutes going through a list to find that out

-Operations and flashpoints are very bugged. Many bosses and mobs always glitch out out on you. So many bugs that I feel like its still beta

-The amount of bugs in general you see while questing/leveling. Like I said above, they didnt spend anytime at all to fix them even though many were reported during beta

-No option for macros. This can be easily fixed as well, but who knows how long until it will be, if chat bubbles haven't even been implemented

-No search function on

-No combat

-If you accidentally buy a high-level item with whatever currency you want to bring up (commendations, credits, etc), there's no confirmation button and it automatically buys it with no return back policy. It's easy to accidentally right click somehow when you are on the buying page of any store, as even I have done it a few times, and gotten myself items that are useless for me for a big toll

-When you quit the game, it sometimes freezes up and doesnt quit. This has happened on both my high-def gaming i7 laptop and my desktop. It's a hassle to press cntrl+alt+delete and have to wait for the game to be forced quit

-Worst customer service I have EVER seen in my life. Their emails take over 5 days to respond, and the phone lines are even worse. When you call them, a MAJORITY of the time you will here, "Lines are too busy, call again later" and then it hangs up on you. ONE time I got lucky and it put me in que. Guess how long I waited? Over two hours. TWO GODDAM HOURS. No joke, after 121 minutes of leaving the phone on the speaker, I was like **** this and hung up. Didn't even get my problem solved. The reasoning for this will be explained in the next problem below, so read on

-Ques for both getting to the game and the actual site. Wait, the actual site? Since when does a website have a que? And no, don't even think about saying, "its because a lot of people play the game," No. The servers just blow. Only ~1.5 million players currently play the game, so if your site/servers can't handle THAT, then that's just sad. Vanilla wow had ques too, but it was only about 5-10 mins MAX. And that was only for the actual game. It's so sad to even say that a website has que problem, and the fact that it's not because there are a lot of people going on it makes things worse.

-No social aspect to game. The chat is soo annoying. More in aion but also a bit in wow, you could customize your chat so you have for example, on tab for general chat, one for only regular chatting with people around you, one tab for party chat, one for guild, or you could even mix a tab to have like guild and party chat. In this, all you have is one social tab and one combat tab. The social chat is filled with the General [barrens] chat of people randomly talking about stuff, so a lot of times you miss people who try and talk to you. Its already hard enough to talk without chat bubbles, this makes it near impossible.

-When you target someone and you use a spell, it follows them wherever they go, so you cant kite people. If your a melee character and are running around say a ranged dps, they will ALWAYS hit you with the spell/attack because the character auto locks on you while your are casting/charging, so it will turn on its own in the same spot and if the enemy goes behind you, it turns around on its own. Horrible for melee characters

-Some moves you have to wait until the animation is finished before you can actually do anything else. For example, if you are a sith inquisitor, you have to wait for the character to actually move his hands in a dumb motion to cast Static Barrier before I can cast another spell. In pvp and sticky pve situations, it really is the difference between life and death. Calling spells "instant casts" is a lie.

-Certain/Numerous buggy things in the interface. One is when I right click on a name in the chat to whisper or do an action do, it doesn't work often times and I have to click a bunch of times before it works. It's really annoying when the general chat is going through so fast.

-Inspecting is so hard to get to, you have to right click the character, then scroll to Other Actions, and then go to the drop down list to actually get to it. Inspect is one of the most used actions from player to player, so why is it so hard to get to? People arent standing still most of the time, they are moving, so taking a long time to get to a command that only works when they are next to you is so dumb.

-Ships. No they arent YOUR own ship. You just go inside, and watch a 5 second animation of light speed to another planet, then your out. They should have had like mini games or something for ships, or allowed multiplayer capabilities. You could have even decorated the inside of your ship in different ways or had at least some sort of customization besides the unnoticed gear that you attach for space battles. Multiplayer interactions/content u know? Even runescape had player owned houses where other people could come inside and do lots of fun stuff in.

-Space combat was just another addition they added for it to look good so people buy the game, but then see it is such a joke. Its like a cheap rip off of Star Fox. You go in a linear path shooting ships. For example, if you ever played Super Smash Bros, you know when you beat the 1-player campaign part, at the end during what would be the credits, you become the gunner of a sort of ship and start shooting the names of the developers as they fly by in space? Pretty much like playable credits. THAT is even better then the space combat in this game. In the Super Smash credits game, your "ship" actually moves to different areas such as turning to a complete left or right and sometimes even doing spins, whereas the SWTOR space combat is literally going straight with minimal movement capabilities. The fact that playable credits of one game (Super Smash Bros) are so similar to the main feature of another (SWTOR) that they can be compared, is just sad in general.

-Crafting is HORRENDOUS. You dont even craft, your companions do. I could get max lvl stats in all my crew skills by literally standing in one spot for hours. You don't do anything, you just send your companions off to gather stuff, and then send em off again to make items out of what they gathered.

-Companions ALWAYS get in the way. Everytime I run into someone I need to talk to, my companion for some reason ALWAYS has to go right in front of me and block me from being able to press the character. No, I dont want to ****in talk to ur ugly face every goddam minute khem, Get the **** out of my way.

-Voice acting and visual customization: The thing they spent the most time and money on, voice acting, and its not even that great. At first, yes its pretty good, but thats only because its new and you havent seen any other mmo with this depth of voice acting. After a while though, you notice the same voices from many NPC's. Not only that, but a lot of your own replies are the same. "This is beneath me Ill do it" and corny lines like that are frequently used in the EXACT same tone. And visual customization is even worse. In aion, the customization for your characters was the best I've ever seen in my life, being able to customize almost every single small detail of your character with many options for each. It's the exact opposite in this game. The lack of physical customization has led to players seeing a lot of familiar faces in different NPC's that you interact with. Only difference is one might have a mustache while the other doesn't.

Now, I know in the future, SOME of these things MIGHT be fixed, probably not even fully. But like I said in the beginning, I'm playing this game now. I'm lvling and experiencing the game NOW. I don't want to wait until some of these major issues are fixed to fully enjoy the game. Sorry BioWare, you should have sticked with what you were actually good at, single player RPGs. You can have the $60 I paid for the game as a donation for actually attempting to make an mmo.

Looks like its pandas for me...peace
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12.29.2011 , 04:02 PM | #2
They didn't censor you. There are those of us who are actually trying to use this board for general issues involving the game.

All you've done is create a long-winded post reiterating well-known issues as well as personal problems YOU have with the game.

You made this post for yourself, not for the General Discussion board.
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12.29.2011 , 04:04 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Sajikus View Post
They didn't censor you. There are those of us who are actually trying to use this board for general issues involving the game.

All you've done is create a long-winded post reiterating well-known issues as well as personal problems YOU have with the game.

You made this post for yourself, not for the General Discussion board.
Let him vent. Move along. Absolve yourself of the situation. Or whine about him like a child. whatever.
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12.29.2011 , 04:04 PM | #4
The only thing that's truly disappointing is that this post keeps reappearing.

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12.29.2011 , 04:05 PM | #5
Yes this game is dying so fast and everyone is unsubbing . Forget the fact that I counted over 30 US servers full last night and had a 40 minute wait time to get into my own server .

No one is playing right ?

/end sarcasm
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12.29.2011 , 04:05 PM | #6
Basically, I can sum it up for anyone who doesn't want to read everything the OP posted.

BW put features in the game.

I hate every one of them.


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12.29.2011 , 04:05 PM | #7
It's only been 9 fricking days... WOW

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12.29.2011 , 04:06 PM | #8
I laughed, I cried...but still don't care.

Bye OP, you won't be missed.

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12.29.2011 , 04:06 PM | #9
I have to agree about the website queue... I've never heard of a website requiring a queue. I feel like that was a publicity stunt to make it appear like they had more people playing than they really were. Or to make 1+ mil look bigger than it is. I dunno.

I do have a bit of knowledge in that realm. I feel like they just didn't really plan this well for queue's. Maybe they felt the game wasn't going to be that popular?

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12.29.2011 , 04:06 PM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by ProphetX View Post
Yes this game is dying so fast and everyone is unsubbing . Forget the fact that I counted over 30 US servers full last night and had a 40 minute wait time to get into my own server .

No one is playing right ?

/end sarcasm
their servers are small and dont hold that many people. they had 1.5 mill players as of 5 days ago, that number has dropped to 1.2. And at this stage in an mmo, the game should be increasing. Just another warhammer follower, soon to DIE
Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow. However, that parting need not last forever. Whether a parting be forever or merely for a short while... That is up to you