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Warzones need to be fixed put level restictions on them

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Warzones need to be fixed put level restictions on them

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12.29.2011 , 02:09 PM | #11
does anyone else keep glitching out in huttball that needs to be fixed really

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12.29.2011 , 04:21 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Dreadspectre View Post
You guys are being stupid. Did I say because there's a 50 on the other team that you automatically lose? No.

I said that 50's in PvP gear, especially premades, have a huge lead over anyone under 40 which is a good chunk of the current player base. In the aspect of fair play 50's need to be seperated and soon. Personally I don't care that much, I just play but I need 15 other people to queue up to play. If people start getting discouraged they won't queue and I won't get to play.
Here's a fix:

- Level to 50.
- Create a premade of your own.

I seriously don't see why the entire game needs to be changed for something that's ultimately the players' decision anyway.

Sure, 50s and premades have an advantage, but at what point does that NOT make sense? I currently run pugs with my little level 15 and have absolutely no problem PVP with 50s. Because, you know, not only am I up AGAINST 50s, I'm playing ALONGSIDE some 50s. Besides, teamwork trumps all. You'd be amazed what can happen when the gamechat is used for the actual game rather than whining about how many level 50s or premades you're going up against. You're not going to win every game, obviously, but it doesn't mean you're gonna lie down and give it to them.

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12.29.2011 , 04:47 PM | #13
The other thing I'm not seeing (although I admit I haven't bothered to wade through the 9 million pages of the same whining in every thread) people mention is that you want the WoW-style absurdly narrow brackets because "zomg they're all killing me cos they have 2 more skills then me and I can't run around alone ganking people, this sux!", is that it won't work unless you implement cross-server stuff as well. Otherwise you'll run into times of the day where there simply aren't enough levels 20-24s online for matches. Then you'll all come here and ***** "I can't pvp, there are never enough people online, queue times are waaaaaay too long and we just lose anyway cos in the end I'm a baddie."

50s need their own brackets, for all the rush-to-endgamers who do nothing but premade warzones all day. Everyone else should stay in the same pool and learn to work together.