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Game feels dead

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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12.29.2011 , 08:59 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by IAmYourGod View Post
High level planets have max 6 players, no one is doing world pvp in Illum. People don't talk in chat, and i takes around 3 hours to find a group to flashpoints. What is this, a single player game that i need to pay monthly fee for? No thanks.

Now that i'm 50 and i've finished the story i guess... that was it.
well thats because most people dont powerlevel ... when i got to 50 there were about 10 other 50s on my Server ... OF COURSE it feels dead on Ilum and Corellia ...

give it 2 or 3 more weeks and you will see an improvment...average lvl at the moment is somewhere around 30 ...

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12.29.2011 , 09:01 AM | #42
last night 170 people on coro, people are there, alot doing new toons still picking the class or side they want, Im pretty settled on Sage but im still jumping into alts to see how they play.

The game does seem quiet, yeah I see people running around but chat is quiet, fleet with 50 people isnt busy, its strange.

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12.29.2011 , 09:02 AM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by IAmYourGod View Post
High level planets have max 6 players, no one is doing world pvp in Illum. People don't talk in chat, and i takes around 3 hours to find a group to flashpoints. What is this, a single player game that i need to pay monthly fee for? No thanks.

Now that i'm 50 and i've finished the story i guess... that was it.
If thats what you think... bye! /waves see you next time.

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12.29.2011 , 09:03 AM | #44
Did you consider taking time to smell the roses and take your time?

At 25 on my inquis I started a Jedi knight. Enjoying the variety!!

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12.29.2011 , 09:03 AM | #45
Most players are in the mid 20s and below. Don't blow through the game and complain nobody is there with you...

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12.29.2011 , 09:04 AM | #46
Perhaps, just maybe, people aren't high enough level to want to world PVP. Not everyone got into early access. A majority of the players right now started on the 20th. I did and I am only level 23. Just wait a couple of weeks and if the world is still dead, then complain.

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12.29.2011 , 10:41 AM | #47
Quote: Originally Posted by MagicalMax View Post
If you really think people powering to 50 is new to MMOs, I'm not sure you've been around for very long. Some people strive on achievement or accomplishment and to them, hitting 50 as fast as possible is their own prerogative. Who are you to say otherwise? Maybe some people are complaining about being bored now, but they don't represent the whole group.
In case you have not noticed, I was answering a specific OP by a specific person. If you feel attacked (like you obviosly did), then that is your own problem
I did not say everyone powering to 50 is like the OP because there are lvl 50s who are not coming on the boards complaining about what OP is complaining but instead making good arguments for making sure they will not neglect the end game in the days to come.
Not to mention, I am a powergamer myself, or at least used to be. Since I was not really interested in SWTOR I, for once, did not play betas and all that comes with being hyped up for an MMO. Been there done that and thus I know what I am talking about, because I fell into the exact same trap with other games.

With that said, the game has been out for around 17 days now. By no means can you call the fresh level 50s powerlevelers. I hit 50 8-9 days after I got the game. I watched every cutscene, cleared every fp, enjoyed as much of the content as I possible could. The only way I could have extended my gameplay more is if I decided against getting a mount.

Maybe these people aren't fast, maybe you're slow? Some people had the luxury to play as much as they wanted over the past few weeks, and ultimately that let them hit 50 faster. There's nothing "wrong" with them.
No arguing here but that was not my point. Again, there are many players who played fast but they are not complaining as far as I can see or complain about other issues. Not lack of population.

These betas are put on to catch as many bugs as possible. Software development isn't as simple as movies may have you believe. Different hardware and different drivers can create a giant mess with the simplest of actions.

I fail to see how it's a marketing tool. Does it help in the marketing department? Probably. But last I checked, correlation doesn't imply causation.
I know this is going to be a statement you can believe, or not: I worked in mmo development for quite a few years and no offense but the betas before release are a) stress tests and b) marketing tool to generate hype. While an MMO is a constant work in progress, close to release there are no huge changes that haven't been planned way before. Even if people think they gave valuable input, 99% of the time that input has been known and worked on way before the public or invited beta testers gave feedback.

Development works with a alpha testers way before it is even known, and most of the time (specially for western development) "beta" testers get invited way late and there are maybe a few small bugs that can be fixed this way, specially if you have tens of thousands testers swarming your servers. Again, if you compare the amount of people who are actually "testing" and submitting bugs (or think of the ones getting into betas for the sole purpose of finding exploits..) then you see why I say the betas close to release are mostly a marketing tool.

In regards to your statement about "today's MMO players," that's largely speculation with your limited view of the community. Perhaps you could back that up with more concrete evidence.
Again, I am comming from an mmo development and community background and I started to get involved in communities and GMing back in the days of Everquest and never stopped until now. Maybe that gives you a little insight of how well I do know MMO communities

That's a bit sadistic, especially since you're not in their position.
completely lost as to how "sadistic' would fit in any of my text

When I was your age....

Times have changed and so have the people. Maybe you had a good time making friends while leveling, some people are into the game for the same reasons.

There is an extent to how slow you can level, sometimes the answer isn't as simple as "stop leveling so fast."
I am not sure how the first and the second part fit together, I do agree on the second part though. Part of the issue is that the leveling process in general might be too fast.
As to the first part, I will never understand why people choose to play an MMO yet are not interested in interacting with other players. That's just me though..I guess..

You don't know the reasons they level and shouldn't make assumptions about it.

This game hasn't been around "just over a week," the release of the game was nothing more than a formality, the game was introduced around 17 days ago.

Some people would expect a little more at 50, just because it's never been done in the pas doesn't mean things can't change now.

This tendency is simply that a different kind of person can play the MMO now. They've grown much more popular in present days. As it turns out, you appear to be in the minority. The new people have caused the game to change in ways you probably don't like, and you seem to be lashing out at them.
You accuse me of making assumptions about others while you are making assumptions about me and the rest of the community as well. For once, where did I say I do not like how games changed? My whole post was that people complain about issues they cause themselves. Also, if I would be lashing out at someone or something, believe me, you would notice

There is nothing wrong with expecting more at lvl 50 but again, I have been around long enough to know that this is never the case simply due to how MMO development works. Also, I would think that from all the information out there people should not be so surprised. But then, I know not to be hyped up too much about any newly released game, little expectation leads to less frustration. However, I am not using this as an argument. I am aware that I cannot expect everyone to act like that

They tried making the leveling process harder, but people were against it. Once again let me say that there is a new type of person playing this game. They enjoy things that you may not. You don't know what they like, you can't just say they're too stupid to know what they enjoy. The majority is winning out, and you don't like where the genre you once loved is going, but bashing others isn't the answer.
Again, you are accusing me of having said or implied things I did not even talk about.
Where did I say I do not like where things are going? Do you know if I enjoy the game or not? Or to what extend?

And I kind of thought that the whole point of my post was that there is a new kind of person playing the game, yet there is not only a new and an old kind..there are tons of different shades in between and I was talking about the kind that likes to level fast and then comes to the forums and declares the game dead because there is not enough content or not enough lvl 50s to play with.

And once again, I was neither bashing nor lashing out at someone. Merely stating my opinion in a calm way and compared to others, taking the time to mention why I think it's some players creating their own issues.

Or let me make another example of why you probably did not really understand why I posted what I posted in THIS thread: See the "leveling is too fast" thread? I did not post in that one because that person is probably right, yet this thread was titled "Game feels dead". It very well might feel to him that way because a lot of players are not lvl 50 yet, but is it the players fault who did not level fast enough?

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12.29.2011 , 10:50 AM | #48
I have to wonder about the people that say it was so easy to hit 50 just by casually playing a couple hours a day after work, and they did't skip anything etc etc.

I have to say this sounds a lot like pure BS. I've played what I consider a lot, probably far more than I would like to admit and the highest I have is a level 30.

I don't find anything about the game particularly difficult at all, but I actually HAVE taken the time to complete everything and watch every dialog, do every heroic.

I've found I've over-leveled the content I am on drastically. I'm 30 and just starting Tatooine because I've also done quite a few flash-points.

So yeah the people who have seen and done absolutely every last option AND hit 50 in a week by playing here and there after work, yeah sorry but I'm going to go with you're full of ****. You space-barred through things and skipped stuff more likely.

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12.29.2011 , 10:52 AM | #49
They should have randomly given people max level characters on launch so when you rush to max level there are others there to do things with you.

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12.29.2011 , 10:55 AM | #50
Quote: Originally Posted by nkitch View Post
Not every one is lv50 yet you should see a lot more people in those areas in the coming weeks, I my self have been playing since the 13th and only have a lv32 SW
I don't see many people in the leveling zones either... I'm wondering if it's related to instancing or something.