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General Sorcerer Questions

Daonis's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 04:58 AM | #1
Hi all,

After looking through the forums abit and nothing seemed to stand out involving end game healing on the Sorcerer I decided to create this thread. Before all replies please take these points into consideration:

1) I never hit end game on WoW so please to not try to referance anything from there as I will be lost.

2) I'm only level 14 and still trying to figure this game out.

Okay so I want to know if end game healing is viable and efficient on the Sorcerer. Also I after a little searching I could not find anything reguarding leveling with the Sorcerer and what is the most efficient and (preferably) least boring leveling build / spec on the Sorcerer. I thought of possibly going healing with a DPS companion (similar to drain tanking on a warlock during leveling)?? I have already specced lightning but I am beginning to think that madness is probably better??

Any replies would be greatly appreciated and please don't troll me as I will take things literally

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12.29.2011 , 06:54 AM | #2
I personaly feel that sorcs can be decent healers but they should not be looked at as thee ONLY healers in the game.
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Daonis's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 07:34 PM | #3
But they are extremely viable as a healer?

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12.29.2011 , 07:42 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Daonis View Post
But they are extremely viable as a healer?
Yes. All of the healers are viable.

Hochrami's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 10:33 PM | #5
Sorcs are the more 'traditional' healers. The 3 healing classes, as I understand it, where designed to compliment each other. Any healer you choose should be fine.

That said, I'd suggest that you try more than one. Find the one that suits you, based on your enjoyment with the class. Taking the word of other people handicaps you, some what, in that you're trying to base your opinion on our experience.

You're level 14 and, as you said, still figuring the game out. I understand you looking to end game and wanting to have a toon you can play there enjoyably, but you'd be well served to take some time to learn the game before you spend too much time looking that far down the line. Read the forums for all the healers. Read the codex's and guides and the general gameplay styles and abilities and details about the class. Try each of them on and level up a bit. See what you like and then follow that path. You'll be glad you did.