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Question for Mandalorain and Alliance Commander players picking empire or republic...

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Question for Mandalorain and Alliance Commander players picking empire or republic...

Darth_Validus's Avatar

02.27.2021 , 04:11 AM | #1
So I am at a cross roads for picking the Empire or Republic as a Mandalorian based character. As of right now I would like to be completely Mandalorian focused but obviously that's not entirely possible. So I'll state my reason for picking republic first then empire second and after remaining as the Alliance commander. So I was hoping to get some insight/perspective from other players, and mainly to see if its possible to remain as the AC for both emp/pub.

Reasons to choose Republic:
- The Empire (sith and intelligence officers alike) have manipulated the Mandalorians since the Mandalorian Wars for their benefit, they have never truly seen them as part of the empire or equals. Yes they are great warriors but when it comes down to it, they are tools to be used and disposed of when it fits them. As soon as the moment its opportunistic, the empire turns on mandalorians.
- For a more secured future, it is safer to side with the Republic, more reliable allies, less backstabbing or power grabs, aside from the Chancellor Saresh who gets dealt with.
- Worked well with Jace Malcom to honor Tharon since hes a close friend and ally.
- As a Mandalorian whos already hunted plenty of jedi, to test yourself in battle, a bigger batter foe would to be to hunt sith, or even the Massassi.

Reasons to choose Empire:
- Mandalore the Vindicated was the one who made you a Mandalorian, and to honor him or stay loyal to your clan, it would be right to stay loyal to the empire. Granted, he might of only been loyal to the empire since it was the situation he got put in, and it was the best route for his people.
- Darth Marr was a true warrior, champion of the empire, and a real homie. He was all about the empire, its people and its allies. He viewed you the player as a true ally and equal. He was fighting for a better empire, and it would make sense that you took his role or goals in his stead.
- Choosing the republic route makes you a spy or saboteur, backstabbing and betraying which is the reason I want to leave the Empire to begin with, but at what cost? I would rather fight my foes head on, not stab them in the back. I would become what I am fighting.

Reasons to remain the Alliance Commander:
- Its a opportunity to remain independent as a Mandalorian. With your main allegiance to yourself and therefore giving you the opportunity to make decisions down the road that benefit Mandalore and the mandalorian people.
- The Mandalorian people are only loyal to the Mandalore (Shae Vizla) who at this point is loyal to you, and is your ally fighting your wars or battles, which in turn, makes the majority of mandalorians loyal to you.

Thanks for those read this post and give real feedback. Look forward to what you guys think.

Eranis's Avatar

03.03.2021 , 04:28 AM | #2
A well thought out post. I think it all comes down to what you prefer for your character of course, but a lot would speak for a mandalorian BH to switch to the Republic.

Lana is showing it pretty clearly how the Empire sees the Mandalorians when she asks you to backstab your own people to keep them in check for later because "they have always shown animalistic tendencies". That right there would make me pretty wary to side with the Empire again. At the very least I would stay independent as AC, even when siding with the Empire (when you choose the saboteur role you will automatically stay on as AC, when siding with the Empire you get to choose if you want to stay indpendent).

And I do not feel that you owe Marr or the old Mandalore anything. They are dead and you never officially pledged yourself to the Empire.

Darth_Validus's Avatar

03.03.2021 , 05:35 PM | #3
Thanks for the reply. You make some solid points, Marr and Mandalore the Vindicated are dead, and so much has happened since then. Circumstances change, they would probably understand. Well, maybe not Marr. Totally forgot about Lana saying that, and that happens even if you romance her.