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Halloween Strongholds

Xina_LA's Avatar

08.13.2019 , 09:30 AM | #1
Does anyone have their stronghold decorated for Halloween, or are you planning to do so?

I'd love to see what people have done with the graveyards and other spooky decos that came out last year.
--=# Decorating addict of Satele Shan server. #=--

Rrusalka's Avatar

08.15.2019 , 01:09 PM | #2
I thought about it when the big Halloween decorations came out. But it was too rich for my blood for the graves and graveyards. The graveyards were going for 100m+ when I saw them on the GTN.

I'm sure there's enough decorations that are older you can put together something spooky with. I just settled for doing a Life Day theme. It was easy to get a ton of those decorations and find others that fit in.

Xina_LA's Avatar

08.16.2019 , 09:22 AM | #3
Well, with any luck, they'll release them earlier this year and at a discount.

Last year, they came out so late, it was too late to redecorate the guild stronghold.

Speaking of which -- I have all those decorations.
If you have a guild that needs them on the Satele Shan server, contact Savaja (Empire) and let me know. I can have one of my toons join your guild and donate copies. The same goes for any other decorations. I have all of the ones from the Cartel Market.
--=# Decorating addict of Satele Shan server. #=--

DarkLordSnake's Avatar

08.16.2019 , 04:43 PM | #4
Honestly there's not many Halloween inspired decorations to really use.. and majority of the time, the decorations that Are Halloween inspired are being put on the GTN at ridiculous prices, expecting people to spend a billion credits for such items..
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Xina_LA's Avatar

08.16.2019 , 06:14 PM | #5
Many of the dark side and Sith decorations make great Halloween decos.
Plus all those graveyards, some of which have lovely animations.
I can't help the GTN prices, sorry, but if your build needs decos to celebrate, just let me know.
--=# Decorating addict of Satele Shan server. #=--

EHKodiak's Avatar

08.17.2019 , 01:05 AM | #6
I completely forgot about those graveyard decos