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Lana romance help.

owenmbalseiro's Avatar

05.11.2019 , 05:17 PM | #1
So i completed nathema conspiracy and was hoping to bend the knee to lana as i had been romancing her since Revan. but the chat option never came up and i was wondering if I had missed something or can do anything to get the desired outcome.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

05.12.2019 , 01:41 PM | #2
It's hard to say. There have been reports of people losing the "you romanced Lana" status, but:
* Did you get the various Lana flirt options *after* completing KotFE Chapter IX?(0)
* Did you pick option 2 from *that* wheel(1) in the KotFE Chapter IX cantina scene?
* Did you pick [Flirt] at the *second* opportunity in the cantina, and get the popup that you would be starting a romance?

Um. The next one might sound a bit insulting, but I have to ask it because it is important.

* Did you run the full Solo (not Story) Nathema Conspiracy story segment? [STORY] does not advance the story.(2)

(0) At various points in KotFE Chapters X to XVI, *especially* just before the big fight at the end of KotFE Chapter XVI, and also scattered through KotET Chapters I to IX, and in War on Iokath, and - memorably(3) - in the intro cinematic for the Copero story segment.

(1) It says:
1. I want to speak with one of you.
2. [Flirt] I want to speak with one of you.

(2) I'm not kidding. [SOLO] advances the story, and [STORY] does not.

(3) [Flirt]:
* Player: That's great! Well done! (paraphrased)
* Lana: You can thank me properly later. (I presume it's an invitation to do the Wild Thing with her.)
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