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Old player resubbed - I have an issue...

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Old player resubbed - I have an issue...

TakDagon's Avatar

05.08.2020 , 09:43 AM | #1
Anyone else experience this?

I decided to come back to SWTOR to see the new content and when I resubbed, 5 of my 6 toons had all been autoleveled to 70. They were all in various stages of the vanilla game. The only one that wasn't level 70 was the one that I had leveled to 65 before I let my sub lapse.

I was looking forward to playing those characters up in level to 70. Did anyone else notice this happen or should I just go with my gut and submit and in-game ticket?

JediQuaker's Avatar

05.08.2020 , 11:02 AM | #2
I've never heard of that happening. It might just be a glitch since I can't see anyone hacking into your account and just leveling characters. 🙂

But, does it lock you out of any content, or are you simply level 70?
There are gadgets that allow you start a character at level 60 or 70. If that sort of boost was incorrectly appled to your characters, then you may be locked out of parts of the story and had default choices made. In that case, contacting CS would be in order.

But if the characters are simply boosted to 70 without any lock outs, then it's probably not worth the hassle of contacting support.
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05.09.2020 , 08:17 AM | #3
Sounds really weird! Never heard of this happening

I would submit a ticket. :/
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