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Mercs and Powertechs (trolls bypass)

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Mercs and Powertechs (trolls bypass)

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01.24.2012 , 03:45 PM | #11
I'm a powertech. I was spec'd into Advanced Prototype. A merc guildie told me that the shared tree did wonders, and my dps was low at the time. I switched to Pyro, and BAM. My DPS skyrocketed. I recommend trying pyro and seeing how it suits you.
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01.24.2012 , 04:01 PM | #12
the shared tree for pyro shares a lot more to the powertech than it does to the merc.

when you compare the 2 trees side by side, (yes they are different- slightly, to compensate for the marginally different class skills between ACs) you can see that the pyrotech tree has some cleaner advantages over the pyromerc tree.

chief among them in the merc tree is that pyrotechs can talent flameburst into an auto-cylinder proc. Pyrotechs proc on command, mercs are reliant upon blaster bolts for it.

This initially looks like a win for the mercs, because shooting the foe has a 20 yard advantage over the 10 yard flameburst.

However- this doesn't end up being the case. 1, because flameburst deals elemental damage which goes right through armor, the number on the tooltip is going to be largely what hits the guy. Blasters are weapon attacks, and are mitigated by armor. You trade that 20 yards for mitigation.

and 2, because quell. Powertechs are comfortable in melee, its how they keep sith sorcs and jedi sages from throwing lightning/junk at them. for a powertech melee is generally safer than ranged because they have the tools to make casters shut up.
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01.24.2012 , 04:30 PM | #13
As a Powertech Advanced Prototype spec, it is very rare that I don't top the damage in most warzones. If the game doesn't end quickly then I will most certainly get the 300k damage medal. Of course I did this as pyro as well, but I find the utility and damage better in AP. Also never having to worry about heat in AP is awesome.

It does seem like Merc damage is a tad low compared to PT in most cases though. It's even worse if someone interrupts your tracer missile, then you get to stand around and wonder for four seconds why you have no other real damage abilities.

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01.24.2012 , 04:36 PM | #14
It is pretty obvious you don't really understand what you are looking at. And, if that is your total damage, you need to re-evaluate something. In full champ gear? I can do that much in a full PvE tank spec, and no PvP gear.

There are so many factors in PvP performance, that you can't really base any of this off what you have provided. Pre-made groups in PvP are going to out perform you by over 2x, easily. Are you going in solo? Do you have a healer and people helping you out on your team? Do you run around like a moron playing commando and getting dog piled and destroyed in under 2 seconds?

If I am solo queuing in a warzone as PT, I will get destroyed most of the time, as no one is really working together. But in pre-made groups it is a much different story. I am fully tank spec'd and pull probably 100k-200k per match. This is a pure PvE spec, so it isn't that great. Another thing you have to think about is that I survive at least 2-3 times longer than any pure DPS spec class. I get dog piled, get 1 heal, and I just laugh and walk away.

Just looking at final DPS numbers means nothing, honestly. Sure you did a lot of damage, but was it useful? My damage as a PT is pretty weak, as it can easily be healed through and isn't that bursty. Though, for what I lack in DPS, I make up with utility (pulls and charge) and protection abilities.

However, you can spec into a more DPS role as a PT and do much better spike damage, but lost some survivability.

All I am saying is it is hard to really base anything off of what you have here. Organized PvP >>>> solo PvP. Good playing >>>>> bad playing. Good teams >>>> bad teams. Good gear >>>>> bad gear. You can compare it all you want, but honestly, it is all just speculation unless you have some of these unknown factors filled in with some basis to go off of.
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