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Something wrong with Strongholds/Flagship

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Something wrong with Strongholds/Flagship

DukeNukemANI's Avatar

06.18.2019 , 07:12 AM | #1
All of my characters who are currently at a stronghold or on the flagship cannot be logged in... After a delay, the game kicks me back to the character select screen. Characters who are not at strongholds or on the flagship load fine. Devís if you are seeing his, please investigate right away. I was hoping to get some things done in-game before going to work this morning but I canít because of this problem.
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Xina_LA's Avatar

06.18.2019 , 07:33 AM | #2
I was able to log mine in around 7am, but now I can't log anything in.
Even while I was in, I couldn't get to my strongholds. It made the sound FX and the buttons changed, but I didn't go anywhere.
People on Fleet were talking about the same problems. One guy said it took over an hour of trying to log in.
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