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Major Malavai Quinn - Watching from the shadows

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Major Malavai Quinn - Watching from the shadows

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07.15.2018 , 06:55 PM | #1
He watched her furtively and from the shadows. His dark eyes drank in her face, and concealed by the heavy robes that she habitually wore, he imagined and remembered his hands caressing her lithe form, the slender yet incredibly strong body that he had known so well and so intimately. Even after five years encased in carbonite she seemed to him unaltered – her long pale hair still habitually tied back in a ponytail, her fringe falling across the terrible burn that marred one side of her otherwise perfect face, a burn that she never spoke about, presumably from a time before she trained as Sith.

Sul, his Sith Warrior wife and lord, now the Commander of a ragtag Alliance built from the outcasts of Imperial, Republic and other forces. He was told that she was truly formidable but this fact he already knew. From years of fighting by her side he knew that none had bested her – which is why he had bestowed upon her the honourific ‘Invicta’ – Unconquered, a title that she humbly accepted, not because it was the truth, but because it came from him, and their love at the time seemed unconquered too.

He wondered too about her five years in carbonite, and he touched again the much folded letter in his inside tunic pocket. It was a letter from Medical HQ that had confirmed that Sul was with child, his child – a letter sent to their apartment too late for her to know. Hours earlier she had vanished from the universe, vanished without a trace. He had searched for her for years, wondering where she could be, wondering if she had birthed their child. Five years in carbonite! Perhaps now warmed his child still grew within her, unknown and unnoticed or perhaps it had died in-vitro, subsumed by the cold carbonite.

As he stared at her, he yearned to join her, stand by her side again, but two things gave him pause. Her new rank mattered little to him, but the tall man stalking by her side, the one with the implants tattooing his face, seemed oddly possessive of her and at times their fingers brushed – it was clear that this Theron Shan, this ex-Republic spy was now important to Sul, was important in his wife’s new life. The idea that they could be intimate together set his teeth on edge but he did not blame her if she had succumbed, for she was passion personified and passion would always seek an outlet. In that aspect she was true Sith.

However, it always sat oddly with him that Sul had always yearned and strove towards the Light. Countless times she had sheathed her weapon and turned aside instead of going for the killing blow – especially if there were civilians or children involved, or Malavai himself – when foolishly and dementedly he had betrayed her. Passion and compassion, and above all, forgiveness and mercy – all wrapped up in a beautiful if deadly package. She was truly an enigma. He had no chance against her, one look from those deep blue eyes and he was lost – it was no wonder that the ex-Republic spy was dogging her footsteps too.

The other thing that gave Malavai pause – was his duty, duty to the new Sith Empress, and that above all kept him in the shadows watching still, cursing his weakness, desiring his wife, desiring a new life in this Alliance of hers, but knowing that duty trapped him still.

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07.17.2018 , 05:27 PM | #2
An Interlude on Iokath

What more did the galaxy want of her?
Sul had been encased in carbonite and for years her mind had been invaded by a dead and demented emperor. She had almost died more times than she could count, and in the end killed two emperors, almost killed a third, saved the galaxy, and still it was not enough.
Still the galaxy wanted more of her, when all she wanted to do was to rest and heal her once-fractured mind, and then finally find that integral part of her who against all odds remained doggedly missing.

Piloting a star ship was second-nature to her so as her hands automatically guided the craft down through the murky atmosphere of Iokath, Sul allowed her now-freed mind to wander unimpeded and unobserved. How long had it been since she had last seen her husband? It must have been at least six years. Six years without a word from Quinn except for that one brief letter. He must be dead, it was the only explanation, yet a part of her refused to accept that he was dead. If he still lived then why the continuing silence? Perhaps he had met someone else?
No, she could not accept that either. They had gone through so much together. He could not just walk away from what they had shared.

Sul’s eyes slid back to Theron who was studying the navigational display. She suspected that she loved him too, just in a different way. He was a friend, perhaps more than a friend, but not yet a lover even though his kisses were sufficient enticement for her to know him fully. Stubbornly she held back because she knew that another man held claim upon her body, heart and soul. Perhaps one day, if she received absolute proof that Quinn had perished, but even then it would be hard to accept it, even harder to be truly intimate with another.

Sul just couldn’t understand Quinn’s continued absence. She had two of the galaxy’s top spies as her closest confidants yet still they claimed that they could not locate her husband. It was like he had vanished into the aether. However, once this Iokath problem was resolved she would take the matter into her own hands, and if need be, tear the galaxy apart atom by atom, molecule by molecule to find her husband.


Sul listened distractedly to what Lana was telling her, but her eyes kept glancing to the two distant figures standing with their backs to her, whilst looking out of the window. The one on the right was a woman in the armoured uniform of a Republic soldier, but the broad shouldered figure on the left pulled at her mind and body in an oddly unsettling way.
Then both turned, and Sul’s legs threatened to give way beneath her.
Quinn! The galaxy had finally given up what Sul had lost.
She yearned to run to him, throw herself in his arms, but keenly aware of where she was, and who was watching, she hesitated and the moment was lost.
“You’re looking more potent than ever, my lord,” Quinn said as he moved a few steps towards her, his words as smooth as silk. Hearing his voice Sul’s heart melted – and she inadvertently put a hand out to the nearby terminal to steady her trembling body.
“Quinn, is that you?”
Sul inwardly cursed herself for her stupid and inadequate words. Of course it was Quinn, no-one else in the galaxy had that effect upon her. Although his words were sublime, his eyes seemed oddly distant, so her heart which had been determined to fly out of her body to him, settled back in her chest to some equilibrium.
“In the flesh,” he replied.
Sul again fought hard for control, she was getting mixed signals from Quinn and it confused and unsettled her.
“I thought I’d never see you again,” she finally managed.
“The feeling is mutual my lord,” he said, then his eyes softened in an all too familiar way as he added, “but perhaps we can save the displays of affection for a more private setting.”
“Or you know, forever,” growled Theron behind her.
Sul turned and shot Theron a sharp glance. He was frowning and as their eyes met his gaze grew fierce and unrepentant. At that moment Sul understood that he had always known that Quinn lived and had kept the knowledge from her. Then her eyes flickered across to Lana and Sul saw a look of shame suffuse her face.
Instantly Sul’s body was consumed by a rage so fierce, so unfamiliar and so intense that her hand instinctively moved towards her sheathed light sabre.

As Quinn walked by her and to the holoterminal, he whispered two words to her, “Not now” and Sul knew that whatever their motives or reasons, her revenge would have to wait.
She intimately understood that the Alliance needed to be kept whole, could not afford to be rent apart by her vengeance. What was most important was the immediate concern of Iokath, the super weapon and the claiming of it by both the Republic and the Empire. So Sul reluctantly put away her hot fury, replacing it instead with a cold anger useful for the physical battles ahead.
Her revenge could wait, months or even long years, kept close and nurtured until the right time presented itself.
There would surely be consequences for the lies.


Sul leaned upon the Holoterminal and coolly considered her options. Republic or Empire? Both cases put to her, apparently both solid in merit. She had grown to womanhood under Imperial skies, and trained in the Force as Sith. Her choice should be easy and clear, especially given the immediate connection she had felt with the new Empress Acina on Drumond Kaas.
Yet still she hesitated, even though her beloved Quinn was the Empire’s emissary and that she longed to please him and have him by her side again.
All too well Sul knew the power plays within the Dark Council and understood that not all who followed the empress or swore allegiance to her would share her reforming vision, or even if her vision was in fact a true one. Sul suspected that the empress might well have been deceiving her, doing whatever it took to attain a final endgame with the Sith Empire ascendant over all.
Trust was in short supply nowadays and Sul, who desperately wanted to trust, was finding herself loath to do so. If only Darth Marr had not died for she sorely wanted his counsel, even the counsel of the Jedi Master Satele Shan would be welcome now. She desired a third path that did not involve the Empire or the Republic. She wanted to lay down the law that Iokath would be guarded, isolated, its technology kept in trust for future generations.
If only Marr had not died, if only he was Emperor.
Sul knew that she could have trusted him and that her trust wouldn’t be squandered. But there was no Marr, no third option.
It was only Republic or Empire.
Finally she made up her mind. She knew the faults and failings of the Empire, but the real Republic was a closed book to her. She suspected that she had been lied to over the years about the Republic, fed a diet of propaganda and misinformation by her peers and elders. So she would give the Republic a chance, one chance to demonstrate that they still walked in the Light.
She straightened, and with her gaze resting on Quinn’s face she calmly stated, “The Alliance will ally with the Republic.”
A look of sorrow veiled Quinn’s eyes and with a muttered, “I’m sorry my lord” he threw two flash bombs and then all hell broke loose.

There will be another installment in due course.

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07.17.2018 , 06:18 PM | #3
An accurate account of the events on Iokath if siding with the Republic. I can only imagine what must be going through both their minds, especially the moment that Sul makes her choice.

I enjoyed getting to see what Sul thought of Theron and if there was a possible future for them.

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07.18.2018 , 02:22 AM | #4
A final installment.
Afterword (pre-Umbara)

“I’m really impressed,” said Malavai as they rode the lift up from the war room to the Alliance base entrance, “How long did it take you all to set it up?”
“A bit over a year,” Sul replied as she led her husband off the lift and back out to the entrance of the base.
“Of course most of it was completed when they first brought me here,” she added. “We had it running smoothly then Vaylin and her forces attacked.”
Sul pointed up at the walls, marred and scarred with cracks and scoring from blaster weapons. “We’re only just now getting repairs underway.”
She sighed, “Since coming out of carbonite I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone scratch myself.”
“How’s morale?” Malavai asked as he gazed across the heavily wooded landscape of Odessen.
Sul shrugged, “To be honest my people are tired, it’s been a long war and we’ve all lost friends, close friends in the fighting. Generally morale is fine given the circumstances but if I had my way I’d ring Iokath with mines and keep the No Entry signs up for at least a decade. We need rebuilding time, consolidation time, and frankly time to heal and rest. We don’t need another war, and the sooner I can resolve Iokath the happier I’ll be, not only for myself, but for everyone else in the Alliance.”
Malavai turned his eyes from the green vista to gaze upon his wife. She looked weary and for the first time he noted small lines gathered around her eyes. Suddenly he felt blindingly angry at the fates that had separated them.
He lifted her chin and kissed her deeply, “You know I’ll be with you, supporting you every step of the way.”
“I know,” Sul replied, “and that is really the only thing that is keeping me going.”
Sul sighed, turned and leaned back against his chest feeling her husband’s arms creep around her, holding her close.
“Did they tell you that I had the Sith Emperor in my head for the last six years?”
Malavai nodded, “Lana gave me the full briefing this afternoon when I was officially accepted into the Alliance. I know everything my love, and it kills me inside that I was not there to protect you. All those years I fought by your side, only to be absent for the times when you needed me most.”
“Then you know more than most,” Sul admitted to him. “Not many people knew about Valkorion, in fact only a few and they never really understood what a nightmare it was for me. My thoughts, my innermost thoughts were never private, he was always aware, always prodding, always this dark and intense force that I had to bear. Most times I was never truly alone – even during the times when I most needed to be alone.”
Malavai gently turned Sul until she again faced him, and then giving her a sad smile, took from his inside tunic pocket the much read, much creased letter.
“I think you’d better read this my love.”
It did not take Sul long to read the letter, but her long silence afterwards spoke volumes. Then she hesitantly touched her stomach with her fingers, gently probing.
Finally she spoke, “If there was a child, it’s no longer there. When I came out of carbonite I was poked and prodded by the doctors for hours. If I was...if I was with child...then I’m sure it would have shown on the scans,” she looked up at him her face drawn with sad weariness and saw a similar tearful anguish on his face too.
“That’s another life taken by the Eternal Empire.”
“Yet Arcann is now your ally...”
“Yes, but I cannot hold this death against him.”
Malavai’s face grew harsh, “You are too forgiving my love. I would happily kill him a thousand times for what he did to you and to our child. Give me the word and I will take his life for you.”
She shook her head, “He wasn’t to know and he’s a changed man now. He’s so contrite that swears loyalty to me every time we meet.”
“Then I will stay my hand,” Malavai replied, although Sul saw that the hardness did not leave his eyes. She knew that there would be no forgiveness from her husband.
Changing the subject, Sul turned and pointed at the low surrounding hills.
“I want to build a house there – close enough that I can be easily reached, but far enough away that I can get some peace and quiet. Ever since Valkorion died I’ve craved silence, and although the Alliance base is my place, it’s not home.
“We do have an apartment at Drumond Kaas,” he gently reminded her.
“Which I doubt we’d be allowed to return to...” was her immediate reply. “I can’t see that changing until Iokath is resolved. Besides, the constant rain there depresses me. The climate here is much nicer and healthier.”
She touched again her stomach, “I know it’s probably not the best time, but to be honest, there never seems to be a best time around here and since neither of us are getting any younger...”
She stared into his eyes, trying to gauge his possible reaction. “After reading that letter I’d like to try again for a child. The doctors in the med lab daily work minor miracles, and if I get the a-ok....would you like a family?”
The immediate joy that lit his face was answer enough.
Hand in hand they returned to the lift and made their way back to the underground chambers of the base.
The problem was explained to the med lab staff, scans were done and Malavai held his wife close while the results were analysed.
“There’s certainly no evidence of an existing pregnancy, Commander,” said the doctor, as he walked back to them, “although there is very minor internal scarring which suggests that at one stage you were carrying a child. However there is nothing in the scans that would suggest that you can’t fall pregnant, or take another child to term.”
He grinned at them, “Commander, if you want a family then go for it, just keep in mind that the last few months of a pregnancy will require you taking a break from active service.”
“I’ll make certain of it,” Malavai assured him.
“Whatever the doctor decrees,” Sul replied meekly, and then laughing, she smiled back at Malavai, “What do you say husband, I reckon there is no time like the present?”
For the first time in six years, eight months and thirteen days, Major Malavai Quinn allowed himself to fully relax and smile broadly.
“I agree, no time like the present. Now show me the way to your quarters my lord, for we have a baby to make.”


I hope you all have enjoyed my first foray into Fan Fiction.

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07.19.2018 , 03:25 PM | #5
I enjoyed their conversation very much and am relieved that they found their way back to each other. You might consider bridging the second portion to the third by showing how they managed to get together again, because the second part cuts off after he throws the grenades. This could be done in a paragraph or two, and you don't necessarily have to re-write the game to do it, you could put your own spin on it. It's a lovely conclusion though and I wish you well on your studies.

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07.20.2018 , 03:41 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Lunafox View Post
I enjoyed their conversation very much and am relieved that they found their way back to each other. You might consider bridging the second portion to the third by showing how they managed to get together again, because the second part cuts off after he throws the grenades. This could be done in a paragraph or two, and you don't necessarily have to re-write the game to do it, you could put your own spin on it. It's a lovely conclusion though and I wish you well on your studies.
Since you asked, and because it needed to be done.
Here it is. In my opinion it is how the reunion should have been. Expanded to include conversations from both the Imperial and Republic choices.

An Interlude on Iokath (part 2)

‘A traitor!’ Sul was finding it difficult to come to terms with the knowledge that someone close to her was undermining the Alliance.
She stole a glance at Theron and Lana who were quietly talking with the Republic leader. Surely not those two, but only yesterday she had thought them both utterly dedicated to her and yet they had kept secret from her the knowledge of Quinn’s whereabouts.
No, the Alliance was much more than just the Commander, and whatever she thought privately about those two, and yes the anger about their betrayal still roiled deep in her body, Sul felt that their loyalty to the Alliance was unspotted.
With an effort Sul dismissed from her mind the unsettling thought of a traitor, and instead turned her mind back to Quinn.
Quinn no doubt had returned to the Imperial forces and was likely even now enroute back to Drumond Kaas. A major in the Imperial Forces, and one who possessed such high connections would not be left to rot on Iokath. No, a new Emperor claiming the throne would surely use Quinn, because such unwavering loyalty to the Empire was rare indeed on Kaas.
Sul was at heart a realist and a pragmatist and she knew that when...if...she saw Quinn again, it would likely be only through diplomatic channels.
Yet, she thought, there might still be an opportunity to move secretly against the Empire, and steal him away. Then she had all the time in the world to convince him to join her cause and be her husband again.
For Sul could be very persuasive if she set her mind to it...very persuasive indeed.
“Excuse me my lord,” a quiet voice and the sound of measured steps drifted into her consciousness and Sul looked up to see Quinn walking towards her.
Sul’s mouth sagged open – the universe did not often surprise her, but this time it did. It was almost as if her thoughts had materialised Quinn in her presence. Yet he ‘should’ be on a shuttle heading back to Imperial space.
“Quinn, what do you think you’re doing here,” she said, almost accusingly.
“I’m finished with the Empire,” he said gravely. “As of five minutes ago I am an official prisoner of your Eternal Alliance.”
Theron and Lana gave her a searching look and Lana spoke quickly, “we’ll give you two a moment alone.”
The burly Republic leader added, “good luck dealing with this Commander. I’ll see you on the battlefield,” before he too walked off.
“It’s been a long time my lord,” Quinn said gently.
“Too long,” Sul replied gravely, her eyes devouring him, immediately noticing that his immaculately combed dark hair now showed a trace of gray at the temples, and the skin around his eyes were finely etched with lines of worry and sadness.
“After you disappeared I spent months on the hunt,” he said as he walked over to her, closer, closer till he was standing almost within touching distance. She could now smell his distinctive aftershave and the musky scent of his body. It had been so long. She inhaled deeply, wanting to treasure the moment, because even now she wasn’t sure if the moment would last.
Sul reached out gently to Quinn with the Force, and immediately she was suffused with grief and anxiety. Sudden tears sprung into her eyes – wonderingly she touched the wetness on her cheeks, it had been many long years since she had last wept and now the tears welling in her eyes were like a dam breaking.
Quinn saw her tears and his eyes widened in shock.
Then he collected himself and spoke again, “Minister Lorman even heard about my crusade and ordered me to call off the search. He wanted the Emperor’s Wrath to ‘stay missing’.
He turned suddenly, as if annoyed by those words and by the memory, “naturally I refused...and found myself in Imperial prison. I was locked away for years – until the Empress Acina pardoned me before you retired the poor Minister.”
Sul’s lips twitched at his droll remark for ‘retiring’ was a very Quinn way of putting it. However, Sul now understood why Quinn was pardoned and released. It was clearly a ploy by the Empress to get close to her. Acina had used Quinn. He was just another pawn to move and throw away.
Knowing this, Sul felt even more justified in her decision to ally with the Republic, but was Quinn truly willing to go back into incarceration?
“And now you have traded one prison for another,” she said carefully.
He stopped, paused and hung his head as if the weight of what he was about to say was too heavy to bear.
“I tried to approach you once, when you visited Acina on Drumond Kaas. But I lost my nerve.”
Sul’s heart seemed to pause in her chest.
Why would Quinn lose his nerve? In the past they had together faced insurmountable odds in battle and never once did Quinn back away. What had she done to Quinn for him to act so?
“I worried that you had fallen out of love with me,” he admitted.
Then she remembered Theran shadowing her footsteps on Kaas, and yes, once she sensed an impression...a feeling of grief and betrayal before it just as swiftly passed. Was that the moment? Had she lost Quinn for good? Please let it not be so...
“Before you lock me up, I have to say...”
He searched her face for a scintilla of hope, “I still have feelings for you...if our relationship means anything to you, please, pardon my crimes...spare me from prison.”
Sul felt her heart break at both his words and the abject misery in his eyes.
A silence deepened between them and Sul felt an unfamiliar and very uncomfortable emotion grip her – guilt.
No, Sul thought, I must choose and choose I will, for my heart demands it. Let me now atone for the grief and worry that he has endured.
Suddenly the Light engulfed her so strongly and she knew then that what she was about to do was both right and correct.
She held out her hand and touched him gently on his arm, “I could never imprison the man I love. I love you Quinn, I always have and I always will.”
A look of wary amazement suffused Quinn’s face and hope suddenly flared in his dark blue eyes, “That’s music to my ears. I love you too my lord,” he replied, and then naturally, like the sea meeting the sand, they came together and kissed deeply.
For a moment the universe itself seemed to pause, then hearing footsteps, they reluctantly drew apart, and the universe moved on.
Sul gazed lovingly into her husband’s eyes, saw the same fierce love expressed there, and she knew then that they would never, ever again be parted.


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07.23.2018 , 01:03 AM | #7
Lovely reunion. I'm glad you included it. Another thing I would like to suggest for the future is to put a space between each paragraph and line of dialogue to make it a bit easier for the eye to follow. People tend to lose their place in a large block of words. I hope you continue, very nice work. Can always use more Malavai Quinn.

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10.24.2018 , 10:36 AM | #8
Hi - I don't usually post in this forum but I read your story and wanted to say I liked it. Even though I am not a real fan of Quinn mainly because I play dark side warriors, I could see how this works for a more light sided warrior. It gives a different perspective on their relationship, which is nice.

I had a couple of thoughts on it. Do you think Sul would have been able to sense her unborn child. In books Satele Shan and Bastilla felt their baby inside them very early on. I don't even think Bastilla had seen a doctor yet when she told Revan she was pregnant. Revan being distracted with his dreams, suddenly realized he felt the baby too - through the force. So that is really the only thing I question is it would be good if she knew she was pregnant through the force and perhaps learned in Chapter 2 Dream of Empire that she lost the baby.

Also, are you going to expand on Theron? I think it would be great if we can see something different from him, like he was so jealous that he admits he purposely hid Quinn's existence. He could have found out about him from slicing into Dromund Kaas systems when they were there but chose to hide that bit of information from her. It could bring their conflict on that and be her reason for dumping Theron too. Then Theron's betrayal on Umbara seals that decision.

Anyway, just my two cents on that. BTW, I am a writer too but I don't write fan fiction as of yet.

Edit: Also, I would feel it is Arcann's fault for the baby's death since he put her in carbonite, but that is just my opinion.
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