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Who else creates a backstory for their character?

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Who else creates a backstory for their character?

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08.01.2017 , 10:15 AM | #21
I guess I don't have a main... I play my Legacy as a family story. So they're all my mains...

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08.01.2017 , 03:41 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by JakRoanin View Post
I guess I don't have a main... I play my Legacy as a family story. So they're all my mains...
I'd love to do that with my characters... but what happens when all of them are a mixed bag of species... Perhaps someone got on the wrong happy meds and revved up a Rakata machine for giggles and grins?

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08.01.2017 , 06:12 PM | #23
I have a "mixed bag" of species, genders, and stories to go with different "families"- they all aren't from the same family.

For instance, I have a Dark side purebred Sith who is Sith assassin. his younger brother is a lightside SW. And his younger sister is a dark side jedi knight. All purebred sith.
The story for these 3 is as follows:
All 3 grew up on Ziost, although the younger 2 were very young (toddlers) when their parents ended up (because of Sith politics) on the wrong side) being killed and the children sold into slavery. They ended up separated and on different planets throughout the empire and Hutt space because of this. The oldest, Totendanz (he who dances with the dead- or ghosts) - who had the most memories of his parents - ended up on an Empire controlled world and, through some crafty force manipulation, managed to "convince" his new owner to sent him to Korriban - and thus - "liberating" himself. He in turn after his ascension to the Dark council tried to find his siblings, and in both cases, made contact. He is out to become an Emperor himself, and will make powerful positions for his siblings.... if he can. He is somewhat of a pragmatist .
The younger brother, Barzel, ended up being sold to another powerful Sith couple on Ziost who were childless - and when the original Darth who had killed his parents ended up dead (fighting the republic), they adopted him and raised him as their own. So.... long story short, when the Emperor destroys Ziost, he also killed my SW's adopted parents....
My dark side jedi knight Mazella ended up sold to an unnamed Hutt-owned mining colony world. There, she adapted to the harsh conditions by her innate force abilities. Having a clever overseer, this one figured he wouldn't be able to control her very much longer, and knew that the Jedi were always looking for more force-sensitive youths, so "sold" her, at the ripe age of 8, to them. So, she ended up being raised by the Jedi, but knew, every time she looked in the mirror, that she in her features, and in her mind, and in her heart, was Sith. And would always be Sith. (For that reason, you can guess who she will eventually ally with on Iokath). For now, "Offstage", she has had many conversations with Scourge on exactly what being "Sith" is all about, and although she presently (hasn't gone thru KOTFE or KOTET yet) is on the Republic "side", she does not exactly share Republic Ideology! She has now had "contact" with her olderbrothers, and knows that the eldest is "on the Dark Council", and that her other brother became the "Wrath" after Scourge. Which gave her some additional (Off-camera, in other words, not in the "canon story") conversations with Scourge.

My 2 chiss have a family story of their own as well. (one is DS IA, other is LS JediKnight).

My 2 cyborgs (LS BH and LS RT) have their own family story as well.
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08.01.2017 , 06:39 PM | #24
Right now on my Solaris Legacy I have 4 Republic Characters Fem LS JC Shadow, a Male LS JK Sentinel Watchman, Twin Bro LS Smugglers, one Gunslinger, one Scoundrel, and an LS M Vanguard tactics. They all have Raven Black hair pale skin and blue eyes and trace their Ancestry back to my original LS Fem Revan and Carth Onasi's Daughter. On the Imp Side, I have one LS Male Sith Juggernaut, and Two Operatives, one LS Male Doctor, and a LS Female Infiltrator. They have Deep Red hair, bright green eyes, and very pale skin. They're first cousins to my Republics and very much haters of the Sith, but don't like the politics of the republic either. Quite Frankly NONE of my characters like the politics of their factions or the other. They like diplomacy not politics.

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08.06.2017 , 09:51 AM | #25
K'azhmyr was a Nightsister that was enslaved by the Empire during their occupation of Dathomir (my own head-canon, not facts of actual canon.) Then as a slave she was sent to Korriban and became a Sith Assassin. She's played along through the politics of the Sith until reaching the conclusion of the Inquisitor class story when she joined the Dark Council and with that power she freed Dathomir so that it no longer was occupied and left to govern itself.

All the while she has made light-side choices. She got to where she is not by making the dark side choices but proved herself while having compassion and empathy for those that have been abused by the Empire on both sides of the war. All along her hopes were to bring the galaxy together in a unified form.

She was able to further her goal when she became the Outlander, leading the Alliance and will in this canon playthrough I'm in right now, will ultimately become the Commander of the Eternal Fleet where she will continue her work protecting the oppressed and misused.

I know this ignores a lot of the real canon of the Nightsisters, but yea, it's my own head-canon and not imposed on anyone but myself.
K'azhmyr deSairys
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08.06.2017 , 10:59 AM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by deFafnyr View Post
K'azhmyr was a Nightsister that was enslaved by the Empire during their occupation of Dathomir (my own head-canon, not facts of actual canon.)


I know this ignores a lot of the real canon of the Nightsisters, but yea, it's my own head-canon and not imposed on anyone but myself.
Heh, i have a duo (not related) that i decided come from Dathomir, too, but nothing about Nightsisters. Dathomir was still largely unexplored by the Republic in the time period the movies depict (quite a few centuries after the game's era), so i chose to have these two come from the unexplored areas, so... no Nightsisters.

They come from a network of small towns and villages on another continent, largely peaceful, the people do have some tech, but no industrial operations to go on a big technological project. They are descendants of a crashed colonization expedition way back when, before Sith were even a thing. Force sensitives are usually trained as shamans and sages.My two characters are both shamans (shamaness? they're female)

One day a freighter came down with an emergency, and landed not far from a village. The villagers offered hospitality, helped as they could while they listened to stories of the worlds beyond with great fascination. They heard of two great "empires" constantly at war, each claiming to be right in their ways. There was much interest to learn about these "empires", but the elders hesitated to ask for people to go learn about them. My two characters stood up and volunteered to go, one to the empire called, well, "The Empire", and the other to the other empire, the one called "The Republic".

And so they are, strangers in a strange land, caught up in the happenings of the greater galaxy.

(This ended up quite a bit longer than i expected.)

I forgot to mention: one is a sorceress, the other a consular (caster, not melee).

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11.06.2019 , 12:39 PM | #27
Name: Morgan.
Middle Name: None.
Last Name: Maximoff.
Sith Name and Title: Darth Taranox.
Nicknames: Morg, Tara, Wrath, Outlander, Commander.
Date of Birth: 3658 BBY.
Place of Birth: Ziost.
Father: Hellgad Ventor aka Emperor Vowrawn.
Mother: Wanda Maximoff aka Former Empress Acina ( Deceased )
Siblings: None.
Other Family members: Lana Beniko ( cousin )
Marital Status: Married to Theron Shan.
Children: Unknown.
Side Note: Records suggest no official known offspring were produced between Morgan Maximoff and Theron Shan.
Adultery Status: Morgan Maximoff is currently having a prolonged open Love affair with Azrael Syndulla.
Side Note: Azrael Syndulla is the Biological Father of both of Morgan Maximoff's two children, Darius and Zalairohn.
Children: Darias Syndulla - ( Son )
Children: Zalairohn Syndulla - ( Daughter )
Side Note: Both children are of Human and Sith Hybrid descent as well as Zabrak and Humanoid Sasquatch hybrids.
Side Note: Azrael and his two children Darias and Zalairohn are currently residing within the planet of Onderon.
Current Masters: The spirit of Darth Marr and Satele Shan.
Current Apprentices: Jaesa Willsaam.
Private Contacts: Azrael Syndulla.
Side Note: Azrael Syndulla was a childhood friend of Morgan Maximoff during her brief time on the planet of Rishi.
Side Note: Azrael Syndulla is Morgan Maximoff's personal ship maintenance officer and HK series repair technician.
Side Note: Morgan Maximoff's HK unit, HK-51 only accepts extended repair protocols from Azrael Syndulla.
Home Planet: Dromund Kass.
Base of Operations: Eternal Alliance Base on Odessen.
Family Residence: The Sasquatch city capital of Shangri-La on Onderon.
Age: 26.
Gender: Female.
Species: Sith human hybrid.
Side Note: Direct descendant to both Marka Ragnos and Xo Xaan. ( Both Deceased Ancient Sith Lords )
Side Note: Morgan Maximoff also for some unknown reason, has Sasquatch blood running through her veins as well.
Side Note: Family Bloodline may have been tainted at some point over the generations. ( Requires investigation )
Eye color: Yellow ( natural eye color )
Hair Color: Black.
Hair style: Hair held back with the frontal bangs curved back from the front of the forehead to the sides of the ears.
Facial Appearance: Black lipstick with Black eyeliner.
Skin color: White.
Body Appearance: A physically fit and muscular build which is most commonly required for most force users.
Side Note: Was born with extremely large bare feet.
Side Note: Her large feet may be due to her Sasquatch heritage. ( Requires Family Bloodline investigation )
Accessories: Carries a piece of fine Sith jewelry which can be seen extended around and across the forehead.
Side Note: Can occasionally be seen wearing a spiked neck collar choker.
Side Note: Can occasionally be seen wearing spiked bands around her arm wrists and ankles.
Side Note: Is known to wear Black finger nail and Black Toe nail polish.
Height: 6 feet tall.
Weight: 160 pounds.
Shoe Size: Size 20 ( prefers to walk around Barefoot in public )
Side Note: Most forms of footwear within the known Galaxy are incapable of fitting onto her enormously large feet.
Side Note: Is known to walk around barefoot in warmer climates.
Side Note: Is known to wear poorly protected and tattered open toed footwraps in colder and in neutral climates.
Allegiance: Neutral ( Known to side with either the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire from time to time )
Former Profession: The Emperor's Wrath.
Former Profession: The Empire's Wrath.
Current Profession: The Alliance Commander and The Galactic Republic's most trusted saboteur.
Force Alignment: Committed to the Light Side of the Force.
Side Note: Found balance in the Force at some point after her completed training with Darth Marr and Satele Shan.
Personality: Calm and collective.
Side Note: Sees the bigger picture on every single scenario.
Clothes Description: Extremely revealing diplomatic robes which also gives off a very appealing Goth Girl style.
Side Note: The robes come with an optional Spiked neck collar choker and four spiked bands for the wrists & ankles.
Former Weapon: A cross guarded lightsaber which had been repeatedly constructed through trial and error.
Side Note: Cross guarded lightsaber was abandoned on Odessen in favor of a new lightsaber hilt.
Former Weapon: A single bladed lightsaber hilt which was constructed with the help of Darth Marr and Satele Shan.
Side Note: Original crystal color was purple and was then later forced to bleed red through the guidance of Valkorion.
Side Note: The lightsaber hilt was damaged and destroyed during the battle of Ossus.
Former Weapon: Forced to return to Odessen and retrieve the once discarded cross guarded lightsaber as primary.
Side Note: Through Jaesa Willsaam's guidance, Morgan's corrupted red crystal was then purified to a divine white.
Side Note: Cross guarded lightsaber was destroyed during Darth Malgus and Darth Krovos's invasion of Corellia.
Primary Weapon: A Sith War blade which had been constructed with the help of Morgan's ancestor Xo Xaan.
Side Note: Morgan Maximoff's Ancient Sith War Blade had been blessed by the undead spirit of Xo Xaan.
Secondary Weapon: The Force.
Miscellaneous Items: Various Combat Enhancing Drugs.

Born in the year 3658 BBY on the planet of Ziost, Morgan Maximoff was the daughter to both Hellgad Ventor and Wanda Maximoff, two very powerful Sith Lords who served the Sith Empire, one of them being a Dark Council member during Emperor Vitiates rule. Like her parents and cousin Lana Beniko, Morgan Maximoff was a descendant of the Ancient Sith Lord Marka Ragnos whom he himself was also a descendant of Xo Xaan, one of the first exiled dark Jedi who descended upon the planet of Korriban soon after its discovery. Having the blood of both Marka Ragnos and Xo Xaan running through her veins, Morgan Maximoff became strong in the force at the tender age of ten. Having discovered her powers early on in life, Hellgad Ventor who would later be known as Darth Vowrawn and Wanda Maximoff who would also later be known as Darth Acina, made the decision of keeping their daughter's powers as a force sensitive a secret. The family then decided to leave Ziost and head to the imperial home world of Dromund Kass where they would soon settle and raise their child for the time being. In order to help Morgan control her force powers and keep them under the radar, Darth Vowrawn traveled to Korriban and requested the aid of one of the Sith Overseers, a man named Tremel Gryton who would later arrive on Dromund Kass and tutor Vowrawn and Acina's daughter on how to control her growing force powers in the hopes of keeping it under wraps while in public. Overseer Tremel accepted Darth Vowrawn's request and traveled back with him to the imperial home world of Dromund Kass. Trusting her husband's better judgement, Darth Acina allowed Overseer Tremel to tutor her daughter in the ways of the force. For most of her childhood and teenage years, Morgan Maximoff spent most of her life living on the imperial home world of Dromund Kass and was constantly sheltered by both of her parents during her early years and was vigorously trained and watched over by Overseer Tremel in both vibrosword training and force sensitive techniques. For Morgan, the only people who mattered to her most in life was her Father Darth Vowrawn, her Mother Darth Acina, and her friend and mentor Overseer Tremel. As time passed, Morgan was happy just being with the three of them but always yearned to play with someone her own age since her parents and Tremel were all adults. Even as a teenager Morgan Maximoff always had a secluded life since the day she was born. She never had any friends, and longed for a companion. Overseer Tremel stated that he had a daughter named Eskella who was about the same age as Morgan and promised that he would introduce his daughter to her at the appropriate time. Tremel knew Morgan was extremely lonely and longed for a friend. Overseer Tremel believed that Morgan and his daughter Eskella would get along well. On one fateful day, Morgan and her parents took a family vacation to the tropical world of Rishi, there Morgan met a young Zabrakian boy with long black hair named Azrael Syndulla. It was love at first site. She wanted to talk with him only to be stopped by Overseer Tremel stating that Sith hybrids especially those with royal blood ties to ancient Sith Lords should never associate themselves with alien scum. Despite Tremel's warnings, Morgan left her family's beach house during the middle of the night only to find the young Zabrakian boy finishing up his surfing practices. Morgan and Azrael finally locked eyes and introduced themselves to one another. The introduction was odd at first as both Azrael Syndulla and Morgan Maximoff's enormous bare feet began to tremble against one another within the hot sands out of sheer anxiety from the apparent encounter, but then as the encounter progressed the two became strangely fond with one another and quickly became the closest of friends. The two spent some time together, and soon after they spent weeks trying to impress one another. It was at that moment of showing off that Morgan Maximoff did the one thing that would change her life and set her destiny in stone forever. Morgan Maximoff proceeded in showing off her force abilities in order to impress her supposed "boyfriend" Azrael Syndulla, even when she was specifically told not to demonstrate any of her force powers to anyone by her parents and Overseer Tremel. Amazed by Morgan's force abilities, Azrael pleaded Morgan to show him more, and Morgan agreed. She then proceeded to lift several beach umbrellas from the sands as well as lifting up a couple of heavy rocks in the process. Imperial Military Officers who were stationed on the tropical world of Rishi at the time witnessed Morgan lifting up several objects with the force off of the beach. Having witnessed her powers first hand, the Imperials quickly informed their commanding officer who then reported directly to a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Thanaton who then ordered that the child be shipped off to Korriban and trained as a Sith. Learning that Morgan's parents Darth Vowrawn and Darth Acina were also on the planet for a family vacation, Thanaton confronted Vowrawn and Acina stating that it is imperative that their daughter be sent to Korriban immediately or risk execution. Darth Thanaton also stated that he had no intention of keeping this discovery a secret, he was planning on telling every high level Sith Lord within the empire. He planned to do so in the hopes of taking Vowrawn's seat within the dark council should Vowrawn and Acina refuse Thanaton's suggestion of sending their daughter to the Sith Academy on Korriban. With their hands tide ever so tightly, Vowrawn and Acina ended their little family vacation on Rishi and retreated back with their daughter to the imperial home world of Dromund Kass. Contemplating on making the hardest decision of their lives, Vowrawn and Acina decided that it would be in their families best interest to erase their daughter's memories entirely and allowing Overseer Tremel to become her newly adopted Father. Tremel and Acina reluctantly agreed with Vowrawn and so the three Sith began to use the dark side of the force in order to initiate a memory wiping ritual on Morgan Maximoff. When Morgan awakened, her former parents Darth Vowrawn and Darth Acina were no where to be seen and Overseer Tremel stood before her. Instead of introducing himself as her new Father as he was told to do so, Overseer Tremel introduced himself as a friend and mentor. Despite being honest to Morgan Maximoff by telling her who he actually was, Overseer Tremel kept the identities of Morgan's parents a secret. For eleven years Morgan Maximoff and Overseer Tremel traveled across the Sohndaan galaxy within Sith controlled space, learning the ways of the force and understanding what it means to be Sith. Eventually on her twenty first birthday, Overseer Tremel decided that it was time to send Morgan Maximoff off to the Sith Academy on Korriban ahead of schedule, It was around this time that Morgan Maximoff lost her memories once more as a result of an after effect of the memory wiping ritual that was cast upon her as a teenager. As a result of Morgan Maximoff losing her memory, Overseer Tremel had no choice but to re-introduce himself to Morgan Maximoff once she had successfully landed on Korriban. Overseer Tremel would be the one to oversee Morgan Maximoff's training, only to be interrupted by the curiosity of one of the most cleverly calculating, tactical minded, and by far one of the most feared Sith Lords within the empire's military and Intelligence division, Darth Baras. Through her new master Darth Baras, Morgan Maximoff was given the Sith name of "Taranox" which is a pun on the word terror and through her continued service and loyalty to Darth Baras, Taranox gained the title of "Lord". This relationship between master and apprentice was not to last forever, at some point in time Darth Baras would betray his former apprentice and state his supposed false claim as "voice of the emperor". Taranox would soon challenge her former master with the support of her adopted guardian, friend, and mentor Overseer Tremel, the ambitious Sith Lord and council representative Lord Rathari whom Taranox had spared on Nar Shaddaa, and her biological father and Dark Council member Darth Vowrawn who at the time had no idea that Taranox was actually his daughter whom he and Acina were forced to abandon for eleven years. Taranox also gained the support of another Dark Council member by the name of Darth Decimus, whom Taranox had aided during the assault on Corellia. With the light side of the force guiding Taranox's purple cross guarded lightsaber towards the dark council chambers, Taranox recognized that she had also gained the support and dark blessing of Emperor Vitiate through the vessel of his true voice that she had encountered with on the planet of Voss. Having the support of so many allies along with Emperor Vitiate and his dark hand of servants and followers, Lord Taranox preached her newly acquired title as the Emperor's wrath to all of the Dark council members who were present within their chambers, and after a long exchange of harsh words which resulted in a very heated lightsaber duel between former master and apprentice, Taranox succeeded in killing her former master Darth Baras in the eyes of the Dark Council. Having killed her former master, Taranox was then given the title of "Darth" recognizing not just the defeat and execution of her former master but also in reassuring her official title as the Emperor's wrath and so history was made. The official backstory of Darth Taranox within the Legends continuity ends here...