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Who else creates a backstory for their character?

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Who else creates a backstory for their character?

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07.11.2017 , 10:31 AM | #1
For my two, both of them have a little mental character sheet, a sort of origin story that I use to inform their choices in the game.

For example, Ymara, my new trooper, was a small town girl (living in a lonely world) whose hometown was attacked by the Empire. Bombs and fire and all the usual rough times. However, the place was saved when an army of Republic Troopers came and fought the Empire back. As a little girl she viewed these valiant souls as knights in white, and told herself she wanted to join their ranks and be a proud soldier of the Republic.

She lands on Ord Mantell and sees all the corruption, finding that her white knights have some real bad eggs... she's furious. She is enraged and resolves that she is going to be "one of the good ones." To be that valiant ideal she grew up believing in, that white knight who swoops in to save the day. She follows her heart, true to her word and her duty, never harming innocents. She has absolutely no qualms disobeying her superiors, for she believes she answers to a higher authority of truth and justice.

However, when it comes to corruption and/or the Empire, she is merciless. Anger and disgust for the people who ransacked her home... when speaking of the Empire I go for the more ruthless angry dialogue choices.

So what about you? What little side stories have you written for your characters?
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07.11.2017 , 12:20 PM | #2
My personal favourite class is the sith warrior so naturaly I made up a story for him because in m mind he is a male human marauder and the inquisitor is a female chiss sorceress.
He was born to a emperial war hero and a powerfull sith lord coming from a long line of powerfull force users. They both fought in the first war an he was raised on a hidden compound on a backwater world to hide him from rivals. There he was trained in the wilderness in both the arts of the sith and the art of survival. Living in that wasteland having to compete with bomas zakkegs and various other beasts forced him to evolve his potential to its fullest from a very early age which explains why he was able to compete with sith lords and overseers when still on korriban.
When his parents were killed in a border skirmish he took the family name and traveled to korriban at the age of 17 where everyone knows what happened.
After this is where I take a lot of the story in my own hand I would like to believe that he studied for a couple of months on korriban at the most judging by the speed of the story there and theat he studied for 2 years under Baras on Dromund Kass.
The reason for this 2 year period is because there is a lot to do on Dromund. While there he befriended the future Darth Occulus/Imperius/Nox and that they taught eachother what the other was learning from his/her master cpmplementing their training. And of course they infiltrated the revanites and did that heroic quest where you prevent an invasion from a rouge sith lord and make a name for yourself among the sith.
So he is around 19 when he goes hunting for Jeasa, a hunt that takes about half a year (always do the Balmorra story arc to cover up the fact that im hunting down Baras spies it seems so stupid not to and the BAlmorra arc seems to take some time) then he spend maybee 3 or 4 tears between act1 and 2 to train Jaesa and build a name for himself (doing flashpoints space missions and all those things you can not really put a date stamp on gaining the experience that is required to become the Wrath) untill he is called upon again to perform act2 where he is now Darth Baras unstopable enforcer and the on worthy succesor to lord Scourge the age of 24.

PS. Yes this is a lot of stuff but i play a lot of RPG:s otherwise D&D, Fantasy Craft World of Darkness etc and I really like to evolve my characters background thouroghly.

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07.11.2017 , 05:35 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by kepeskvaeri View Post
PS. Yes this is a lot of stuff but i play a lot of RPG:s otherwise D&D, Fantasy Craft World of Darkness...
You're in good company, same here.

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07.24.2017 , 11:35 PM | #4
I do all the time, I head canon a lot and have more fun

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07.25.2017 , 07:34 AM | #5
I tried to create a backstory for my characters, but I'm not exactly good at this:

1. Kelsynora
profession: bounty hunter, mercenary specialty
species: zabrak
age : around 32 standard years
allegiance : Mandalorians
birthplace: unknown, probably Hutta
alignment: neutral
likes: money,Mandalorian armors & stronghold decorations,challenges
dislikes: hypocritical Jedi ( Jun Seros), the Republic, the SiS
relationship: in a romantic relationship with Torian Cadera

2. Cyriwen
profession: Jedi consular sage
species: human
age: around 36 standard years
allegiance: the Jedi Order
birthplace: unknown
alignment : Light side
likes/dislikes: never talks about that
relationship: in a romantic relationship with Theron Shan
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07.25.2017 , 11:20 AM | #6
I have two Sith Warriors that I have a backstory for. They are both Sith Pureblood brothers Siox and Niox, the older one (Siox) killed their father to advance through the ranks of the Empire and slowly learns the ways of becoming the ultimate Sith Lord world eater. While Niox is following in his brothers shadow.. plotting to take revenge and overthrow his brother to bring a more stable Empire.

While this is happening my Jedi Guardian Parax is on the hunt for them both and trying to convert Niox to the light side and help stop Siox from destroying the Republic and the galaxy.

I have a way more IN DEPTH story for this, but this is the simple version. Would love to write it up, alot of my characters play a part in all this (bounty hunter, trooper etc).
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07.25.2017 , 01:15 PM | #7
I always create "new concepts" for each of my characters, it's guess it's why I still watch every piece of dialog (someone even the old side missions. I am able to differentiate one character to the next, even if all the dialog options are the same.

However, if I was to write a complete history, for a guild, because I'm an avid forum RPer, that will take a little longer.

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07.25.2017 , 01:44 PM | #8
Name: Kartmatu
Age: 24
Species: Mirialan
Gender: Male
Occupation: Alliance Commander
Nickname: The Great Stoneface. - Given because of his big angular face and lack of facial emotions.
Previous positions held: Darth, Lord of the sith, Emperors wrath, Empires wrath (unofficially) , Outlander (unofficially).
Place of Birth: Alderaan, Carrisdan City.
Current Residence: Odessen, Alliance Base.
Family: Ce'na (Married), Tingar (Father), Cipher 16 (Mother) [Dead: KIA] *Imperial Intelligence call sign*, Kattemaksu (Sister) [Dead: Murdered], Perustus (Brother).

Kartmatu was born on Alderaan, Carrisdan City, well within the borders of House Organa's territory. This Mirialan family has lived on Alderaan for 800 years serving the Republic and Organa in all that time. Recently Kartmatu the youngest member of this family left home and found a place in nearby Kantaris, a small town, it's from here that Kartmatu's spirit is shown by helping everyone around him and asking nothing of himself until several months before Korriban his talent in the force manifested just like that, it came on very strong.

The unfortunate result of such a strong connection didn't go unnoticed by a sith lord; Lord Damris, who was a few miles away when he felt this new tremor in the force. He quickly contacted Korriban academy after discovering and confirming Kartmatu is strong in the force. Kartmatu was taken aboard an imperial ship, tortured, forced to perform basic dark side attacks and given a weapon over that time by an overseer; Tremel. From OVerseer Tremel Kartmatu was given basic challenges and was passed to the Academy.

Because of Kartmatu's strong connection to the light side of the force, no amount of training in the dark worried Kartmatu in the slightest on his journey from acolyte to apprentice after murdering Vemrin. Kartmatu isn't cocky or arrogant to presume is is ready for even a fraction of the stuff in the galaxy and despite his demanding taskmaster Baras, Kartmatu overcame the challenges with his honesty, dedication to doing right behind Baras' back. Even when the pressure was on, Tremel survived his encounter to see his original favored acolyte become a true master and witness the fall of Baras. Despite the dark traditions, Baras was locked up instead of being murdered by Kartmatu.

In the process Kartmatu fell in love with a Twi'lek who calls herself "Vette", but it's discovered later on her name is Ce'na. Kartmatu very much enjoys her jokes, her general disposition to life and her willingness to do the right thing.

Loves: Sticking it to the dark side users by proudly showing his lightside alignment.
Likes: Honesty, a person owning up to their mistakes, lightside choices.
Dislikes: Foolish behavior, dishonorable tactics, hypocritical actions, killing innocent people, abuse of power, dark side force users.
Hates: Cowardly fighters who hide behind others and kill others to make some point and fall so hard in the fighting.

Name: Marino
Age: Unknown. - Caused by dark side corruption, plus face mask has never been taken off since found.
Species: Cathar
Gender: Male
Occupation: Emperor
Nickname: Mr. No Nonsense . - Given because Marino has shown zero tolerance for any action counterproductive no matter how small.
Previous positions held: Darth, Lord of the Sith, Darth Nox (unofficial), Outlander (unofficial).
Place of Birth: Dromund Kaas, Kaas City.
Current residence: Gravestone (Ship).
Family: Astiir (Father) [Dead: Parricide], Mesha (Mother) [Dead: Parricide]. Kavan (Foster Father) [Dead: Murdered], Shalis (Foster Mother) [Dead: Murdered].

Marino was born on Dromund Kaas to a mother who was heavily pregnant, but because Marino was born on this planet the Imperials kept him as he is imperial born. The Mother and Father were forced off world and ended up on Tatooine scrubbing junk and selling it to traders and jawas, Mesha was never the same after losing their own son, most days she is an empty shell of her former self but there are times her husband manages to get her back.

Marino grew up as an imperial, but most importantly he was raised by a notable imperial family who were murdered when Marino came of age, Marino himself killed them because they were not his family and because they had the audacity to call him their son which he hated unconditionally since he was small and old enough to understand. Marino was already force sensitive as a child and got some minor training from Lord Phastar. Marino killed Phastar in his house for his incompetence in teaching him incorrectly.

Marino's kill streak didn't end there but it drew the attention of Sith high up, notably Darth Marr who saw a lot of potential, he anonymously sponsored Marino to become Sith. In the Academy Marino murdered quite a few students and an overseer, everyone knew it was him but had no proof. the few students he killed were incompetent at their tasks and Overseer Grevin got in Marino's face a few too many times. Even so Overseer Harkun had to keep training this young man of the age of 16. Zash spotted his young man and took him as apprentice.

After that map and Dashade, Ffon's hand taken and given to Harkun after being shouted down by Zash. Marino was giddy and thrilled at the same time after showing the hand to Harkun and his shocked and disappointed facial expression showed up. Zash started using Marino in her plans but being blind sighted by two potentially dangerous foes he almost lost his body and life in a ritual. After being revived Marino learned of where his biological parents are, he visited them and was immediately disgusted and insulted by what they do and who they are. After a short conversation where they admitted their love for their son, Marino cut them both down and hung their parts in their house and then returned to his business, using that guilt, anguish and pain to sharpen his abilities to the point he managed to take out Thanaton, so blood thristy he was denied by a dark council member.

After his journey he has manipulated his crew, especially ashara to such an extent that they only know frustration and anger. Marino claimed the title of Darth and become a council member for a short time, between his actions on Yavin 4 and Ziost, Marino found and murdered one of the two dark council members for killing Thanaton.

After 5 years in a block of ice wasn't enough to stop Marino, the death counter continued as former allies, companions belonging to others and new allies were cut down due various failings, Marino can not abide anyone messing about. Marino has also developed a big arrogant streak, but he competely tempers this with his intelligent actions and as a result he a bottom line person, never one to mess around.

Loves: Duty, Diligence, Dark side, Sith Empire, highly ironic and perverse actions that end up with an intense dark side moment that is thrilling to watch.
Likes: Strength, Power, Manipulating others, killing fools, killing incompetents, arrogance, intelligent actions, creulty, showing off.
Dislikes: foolishness, inaction, incompetence, sychophants, light side actions.
Hates: Excuses of any type no matter how big or small they are.

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07.25.2017 , 05:13 PM | #9
I do have pretty extensive backstories for mine, especially my SW, as well as stories to fill in the gaps in the class story and afterward (like in my SW's story, she DID kick Quinn off the ship and replaced him with a cyborg). It helps create a context and makes it easier to make some gray area decisions for them.

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07.25.2017 , 11:07 PM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by IoNonSoEVero View Post
I do have pretty extensive backstories for mine, especially my SW, as well as stories to fill in the gaps in the class story and afterward (like in my SW's story, she DID kick Quinn off the ship and replaced him with a cyborg). .

And yeah, I thought most made back stories for their people automatically? I just can't help it. If I don't have a back story, I'm not making a character, cause otherwise, it feels like a grind to level.

I would never share mine, though, they're so eye-roll