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New York Players - Make Yourselves Known!

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New York Players - Make Yourselves Known!

Arcnemesis's Avatar

08.09.2015 , 08:38 AM | #91
Syracuse, NY

Server : Jedi Covenant


Republic Toons
Arcnemesis : Jedi Gaurdian (Tank) 60
Arclacer : Gunslinger 58
Memnonarc : Vanguard 56
Arcthena : Jedi Sage 58
Odysseusarc : Jedi Guardian (DPS) 49

Imperial Toons
MauHades : Sith Juggernaut (Tank) 60
Arcnem : Operative 57
Panacearc : Merc 56
Stasiarc : Sorcerer 55

From Wikipedia

Alexander Flick, in his History of New York State, claims the title was used as early as 1819, coinciding with New York surpassing Virginia in population. He did not provide any source for this claim. Further in his book, Flick adds that the term was "universally acknowledged and accepted" by the time the Erie Canal was completed in 1825.[1] In a later work, Flick and coauthor John Jacob Anderson claim "New York is well called the Empire State ... not only because of the vastness of its resources, but because it so conspicuously illustrates the imperial power of law-abiding liberty among the people."

Maybe NY state is an Imperal State?