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Companion Themed Expansion

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06.17.2017 , 08:44 AM | #21
As much as I'd like to get away from poorly planned and overpowered Alliance/Zakuul idiocy that has nothing to do with Star Wars (We've got a game about a war between two factions, and the closest thing to any actual conflict between those factions we've had in years was the digital equivalent of a mad lib), I would also like to actually care about all these companions they've dumped on us. Maybe not any of the Cartel Market beasts and droids, but definitely the class companions and the 4.0 ones. In fact, if we got an expansion that just added lots of conversations with everybody, that wouldn't be too resource-intensive, and could give the devs breathing room to work on some of the content the PVEers and PVPers have been clamoring for.
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