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I wish I wanted to give swtor my money like I do other MMO's

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I wish I wanted to give swtor my money like I do other MMO's

aethell's Avatar

06.17.2017 , 05:51 PM | #1
Keith and team,

I'd like to ask you to consider trying for one pack's release, simply selling all the items in that pack for direct purchase instead of in RNG packs, and seeing what the revenue result is. Now that you have eliminated the "junk" in the packs, it seems like the next logical step. (I think the player base has communicated our feelings on RNG.)

The title of this thread is because I was sitting next to my husband, me on swtor and him on TES Online, discussing his purchase of a lot of crowns to buy various vanity items in TESO. TESO, as you may be aware, pretty much sells their catalog of vanity items a la carte. And I realized I wished I had a reason to want to spend discretionary money on cartel coins. But I dislike RNG, so I almost never buy cartel packs. On the rare occasions there is something sold direct I want to buy (new stronghold, deco's, armor, etc) generally the subscription coins I have saved up cover it because the game hasn't given me enough other things to spend the coins on.

So I can only say speaking for myself, but I would spend more money on this game if you went to direct sale instead of random packs. I would like for this game to motivate me to support them financially the way other games we play do. Trying only direct sale for one "pack" release seems like a good way to find out whether I am in the minority or not.

MingusPho's Avatar

06.17.2017 , 07:52 PM | #2
Brilliant post! They would make a killing if they sold us exactly what we wanted instead of a chance to win the Arctic Scout armor---yuck.