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MM will drive new GSF pilots away

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MM will drive new GSF pilots away

XaatXuun's Avatar

01.16.2019 , 10:14 PM | #1
been in too many mismatch matches.
no one is going to come back to GSF, if they're getting one shot all the time.

don't know why good pilots need to drive potential new GSF participants away, that just starting in GSF
Obvious Match maker is not working, unless it's intent is to always stack good against new

I'm not good and had to struggle to get that first ship mastered, and there was a large improvement when I reached there, but some players may not have the same patients and willing to suffer through as those like me have.
it is no fun and very discouraging, when one or 2 pilots (on same team, solo queue) totally dominate everything, scores reflect such .
don't understand why someone just don't grab another to mentor and show others how to be as good, instead of just being a through out the match

catsi's Avatar

01.17.2019 , 01:29 PM | #2
As a vet whose been on both sides of that equation I always try to help people when possible or asked. Have you joined the gsf channel? I can be found there as can other aces who are always willing to answer questions. type /cjoin gsf

Drakolich has an ask anything thread here on the forums, and a youtube channel that shows individual matches.

Despon runs a GSF school on Youtube that has great information for newer pilots.

All told yes matchmaker is a mess right now but theres plenty of mentors available and resources for newer pilots to use and learn from.
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ThutmoseV's Avatar

01.17.2019 , 02:24 PM | #3
There have always been mismatches, but I still find a lot of competitive matches. I went through the 22 matches whose scoresheet I saved during Jan. 1 - 16. I found 3 TDM with the loser having 40 or more kills, 2 TDM with loser with 30 -39 kills. There was 1 domination match with loser over 900 and 6 with loser from 700 to 899 points. That leaves 10 that were not as competitive, and even in those the losers often had over 400 in domination, or 20 in tdm. There were other close matches where I did not save the scoreboard, probably because I was not satisfied with my play in that match. I should probably make it a point to save the score of any match with the loser more then 40 in tdm or 900 in dom.

The matchmaker has an impossible task, though I am sure it could be improved. Maybe it should take winning percentage into account more. One problem is if a strong team of 4 pilots queues, it is often difficult for the matchmaker to find enough strong pilots for the other side.

I would be happy to help any of then newer pilots with tips, or by grouping with them. I think most of the other veteran pilots would do the same. Speak up in GSF chat.
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XaatXuun's Avatar

01.17.2019 , 11:59 PM | #4
just so you know, I created this post for all, not me. But what triggered it, was the amount of players on my team (losing) swearing aim bot, I didn't think it was, and the kill count reflected that, it was just one pilot that did well over everyone else.
my first thought was MM screwed up, second thought, they were the only one in Queue with skill, while the rest were basically new.
that match felt worse then it really was.
the post was maybe if you find you're dominating and see there is something that the newer pilot keeps doing wrong, take a moment to suggest a correction, or just suggest get on the gsf chat.

every once in a while I see someone posting it, but I haven't joined myself.

the other day I was in some bad matches, due to MM not working, Drakolich and friends ruined my losing streak. it's what happens when trying to learn Bombers in an unskilled bomber in solo queue, it was the longest streak I've ever had, win or lose
I have been is some awesome matches, where it seemed everyone was equal in skill, and balanced. where not one person was carrying

as I understand it, there is no ranking system visible to the public, so does it really matter to kill everything, just damage them and let a newb get the kill, let the newb gain confidence and more XP so they can upgrade faster, and increase interested in playing GSF. no reason to humiliate them , because one can

XaatXuun's Avatar

01.18.2019 , 12:51 AM | #5
just did this match the previous I was on the receiving end,
this is what I'm talking about, a total lopsided match, 4 individuals did everything, no one else got a chance to do anything,
in this screenshot, at first I started to try some damage then said screw it, I'll just grab defending medals

that's what I'm talking about, everyone else ends up with a small paycheck (XP) due to not able to get much damage in, all they get is a win, if they're on the same team as the four

ALaggyGrunt's Avatar

02.05.2019 , 01:30 PM | #6
Queueing random will drive new GSF pilots away*

New matchmaker or no new matchmaker, newbies at best will get time to just fly around and not kill anything if they play in random matches with vets.

At worst, they get farmed on the spawn, which leads to the conclusion that the game is terribad and it's time to stop playing.

About the only way that's going to not happen is if vets don't get pops when the queue is full of nothing but easy prey.

SaveTheMonkeys's Avatar

02.05.2019 , 06:04 PM | #7
I don't know if its a problem with matchmaking, just the steep learning curve that's intrinsic to GSF. One must have patience and a good sense of humor to get out the newbie zone.

Shariva's Avatar

02.06.2019 , 01:40 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by SaveTheMonkeys View Post
I don't know if its a problem with matchmaking, just the steep learning curve that's intrinsic to GSF. One must have patience and a good sense of humor to get out the newbie zone.
It is not just the steep learning curve, it's the flawed match making as well. Going up against a pre-made group is not fun. Especially when it's a pre-made group 8 people. I fly my fair share of matches and going against a pre-made that manages to spawn camp all three spawn points is not fun. I sure would like the turrets back so one can safely spawn without being shot down almost immediately.
I also would like better match making. The game doesn't break up groups and sets them against a group of people the queue as solo flyers. It is done to make the match pop, regards of the match then being totally lob sided and thus not a fun game. I vote to break the group then and divide them over the teams, not to pit a group against people who solo queue. That or make the group wait for another group to queue for battle.
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02.07.2019 , 06:00 AM | #9
There is still a problem with the lurning curve in my opinion. There is a smother entry into it with the strikes, especially the T2F, but not everyone knows about this.

But about the main topic. I think that the matchmaker is doing better before the update. The cross-faction did wonders and also the rough sorting by quality works quite often. There have been tons of matches where I have seen some better pilots on my side and thought like this will be easy, which ended up in a loss. Most of my solo-queue games have been like that on my ship test characters. So overall I think the match maker is doing an okay job.

Except one thing: larger premades. A few days ago I was soloqueueing while a group of scout aces were in a premade together. The matchmaker rankes them weaker than they are or isn't able to balance them, which ends up with them completely dominating the games. With there is sth to balance them with it can work out fine, e.g. the friday rounds against Drak, or the splitting up of vermillion, just to name some.

Personally I am against splitting them up since that would break communications and you can't plan anything, wether flying against another premade or strategies. The group queue function is there for a reason and sth wonderfull for firends to fly with together or help new friends.

I favor the second option mentioned by Shariva: Just not giving the premade a game if they can't be outbalanced. I think this is acceptable and might give premades in these scenario an incentive to splitt up into 2 groups.

Also there is definetly a need to adjust the match making system. Since it apparently counts players after a rather small amount of matches as equally good.

I think the best option would be to increase the limit and try to build teams with an equal amount of matches played in average (or as close as possible).

I think this is one of the view ways that could work, since the other available statistics are completely up to the match mode and the ships used.
1) A bomber will never get as many kills as a Gunship
2) There are people that can carry games in TDM with 20 kills on them, which doesn't work that well in Domination
3) People can just be lucky with win chance and thus can be possibly judged wrongly

Another way to judge might be the average number of deaths, since that doesn't depend as much on the ship and matchmode than other variables.
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