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gsf would only benefit from a solo queuing system

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gsf would only benefit from a solo queuing system

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01.31.2019 , 01:39 PM | #1
gsf is always more fun (particularly in deathmatch) when it's casual dog-fighting, rather than "#-gunships-and-a-bomber-field" preset teams. it's not enjoyable to fight against those, neither it is, trust me, to fight with them.
such teams have their weaknesses, of course, but that would require a premade team of your own in order to teach them the lesson. and what about the many players queuing solo? the only thing really happening is either you are an experienced player who can't enjoy gsf, or you are a rookie who would instantly lose interest.
now, i don't imagine Bioware would care to rebalance the ships again, but it wouldn't hurt if the queue system is changed so that even if grouped, each player is considered as queuing solo.
those who care about playing will be rewarded by a better match-making, and those who were there only for the winning would either have to learn few new tricks, or can go look for another place to bully the rookies. also, such system can reduce the number of 30-seconds matches.

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01.31.2019 , 08:00 PM | #2
ďAlways more funĒ is highly subjective. I prefer objective-based pvp over pure deathmatches and so I prefer DOM over TDM, just like I prefer the objective, unranked ground war zones to arenas.

Bombers and gunships hardly predominate now. For a while after 5.5, now more than a year ago, all I was reading on the forums was about how OP strikes were. There were even premades who named their characters after what role their strike would play. I mean, you canít Telegraph your strategy any clearer than that, and still people lost to them. So I take exception to your statement that GSF is all about premade teams of gunships+bombers. And in fact, except for a certain map, I pretty much see a good variety of ships:
  • Tensor scouts actually taking nodes and being played the whole match, instead of tensorciding
  • People bringing beacon bombers to bear in close matches
  • All strikes being utilized
  • I still die to battlescouts by the way
  • EMP scouts helping to take nodes
  • Gunships and dronecarriers still play important roles

So far thatís two things you said that I completely disagree with. And restricting premades in GSF by the way wonít help diversity of the starfighters being fielded, and itís impact on fun is highly debatable.

There is absolutely no evidence or even a reasoned argument to support your assertion that there will be less games which end early because of your suggestions. The matchmaker constructs the two teams before sending invites, and early-ending games occur because a disproportionate number of people on one team do not accept the invite. So nothing you are suggesting would prevent people from not accepting pops and therefore unbalancing the teams.

Now, you mention that rookies and veterans would benefit from better matchmaking, that I can agree with. Currently the only two parameters loosely connected with skill are legacy games played and character ship requisition spent. Now, splitting the queues into separate queues, or treating each player as individual even if grouped in the algorithm may or may not improve matchmaking. You donít adequately make the case for that at all in your post.

Which brings me to your last point, regarding considering group mates as solo queuers. You provide no evidence or arguments to support this assertion. Letís suppose that there is one group of four in the queue and 20 people solo queued, and they are all relatively even distributions of skill. The game wonít be breaking up any groups... otherwise youíd be eliminating group queueing entirely, which doesnít seem to be what you are suggesting at the end of your post. Letís also presume that the only group consists of one highly experienced veteran with 1000 games across their legacy and fully completed mastered starfighters on their bar, and three rookies. Currently, the way we understand the post 5.9 matchmaker to work, is that the game will consider all four of those pilots as top veterans. Therefore the game will try to place four experienced people on the other team, and then distribute the remaining 16 according to ďskillĒ ... skill as defined by those two parameters. If anything, such a scenario as Iíve described results in teams where the premade is less likely to win!
Now, the more likely scenario is that the four people in the only group queued are all highly experienced. In this case, both your proposal and the existing status quo system would still try to put four highly experienced pilots on the team opposite the premade. If there arenít any equally experienced people to even out the team, it will try and wait for some to queue up, but after some hidden amount of time, it will give up and make an 12v12 as best as it can, because the developers decided that waiting too long for a queue pop is worse than having a lopsided match.

So, in summary, your proposal wonít do anything to improve matchmaking or reduce the impact of premades. If you want to discuss completely separating the queues thatís a whole different discussion.
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