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nerf ap pt

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04.12.2020 , 10:05 AM | #41
It's a bit of a perfect storm right now and a great time to be a doubly AP PT or an AP PT/Leth Operative pressure comp in team ranked.

The Powerlode tactical is absurd in pvp, there's no defending it. Needs a good swing from the nerfbat. Compounding this issue though is the classes that counter pressure comps are in a bad state.

Double AP or AP + 1 dot spec (lethatlity these days, used to be madness or Anni) comps are nothing new. Teams have been running it for 5+ years with a simple strategy of overwhelming the opposition with pure dps. The original NA hardswap teams in Season 3 (Blanket's team on Bastion, Squirtle Squad on Prophecy of the Five) built off what Roudy's team had started in Season 1 and modernized it as a solution to the strong pressure teams that dominated at the time, especially triple PT or AP + a dot spec.

The tried and true strategy in a simple description is is to use 3 ranged mezzes and 2-3 kicks on the healer to control hps, and a 30 sec CD aoe mez on the tank to collapse on either dps with hardstuns for a kill. Pressure comp's main weaknesses are inability to mez and burst on unguarded targets, and the hardswap strat took advantage of that. The reason I say it's a perfect storm is not just 1, but 4/5 of the main classes you would use to beat pressure comps are subpar right now:

Sin Tank (Ranged Mez, formerly good DCDs for pressure)
Carnage Mara (30 sec awe for rapid swaps and control of their damage, great burst), Deception Sin also worked
Sorc Healer (Ranged Mez, Ranged Interrupt, phasewalk for carb, versatile healing)
Marksman Sniper (Ranged Mez, Ranged Interrupt, rapid target swapping off guard between swaps, best knockback in the game for tank separation)

4/5 of that list are all subpar in competitive team ranked against the good pressure teams atm because of the dismal state of their defensives, and output (dps or hps). Losing 1 or 2 classes to ever-evolving class balance changes is to be expected and teams need to adapt. Hardswap teams lost 4, and what those classes used to bring to the table has not been replaced with any other class. The loss of carnage mara hurts the most.

As such pressure comps built around AP PT control team ranked in a way they haven't since Season 3.
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04.12.2020 , 10:50 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by EnzoForMe View Post
I mean sure. Pure hardswaps being gutted is a problem. But even in 5.0 we've seen this exact comp before. Double pt/jugg tank. The only difference is that in 5.0 this comp could get countered by both pure swaps and pure cleave. You've talked about the pure hardswap side of it, but the issue is even more glarring when you look to the cleave side of things. Engi/anni, engi/furry, engi/ap pt could all counter comp double ap pt because its a 4 melee comp.

Now in 6.0, I can bring a pure cleave team (leth/pryo, leth/ling, pyro/ling, even IO could work) and all of them will get out pressured by the burst comp. When a pure cleave team gets out pressured by the 4 melee hybrid burst comp, something is wrong. I'll do 12k dps as leth, other guy will do 12k as pyro and both ap pts will be pulling 13k burst dps.

This insane burst is exasperated by the fact that if you continually hit ap pts (which a pure cleave comp does) you are just going to make the ap pts hit harder because power yield.

The issue is really obvious, imo. Its a fundamental issue that transcends 4s, and the tank/healer meta. AP pt hits too hard. Its really simple. Power lode tactical just needs to be nerfed.
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