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Augment question

mastirkal's Avatar

01.18.2013 , 10:24 AM | #21
Critical chance is by far the better stat, but once it hits the threshold where 1% critical is less than 7.5 power assuming the surge rate is an even 75% it is still better (When it takes around 44-47 crit for 1% compared to the flat 1:0.17 power) . Unfortunately we have yet to get to this point and time where we might find power augments becoming more valuable. As it is will power which increases both power and crit is more valuable.

How I figured without getting downto the nitty gritty of math.

1007.6 with 0% crit and 75% surge over a hundred tried equals 100760 HP

1000.0 with 1% crit and 75% surfe over a hundred tries equals 100750 HP

Until that point where crit becomes too expensive to proc for 1% it is the better stat.

If my assumption is off I would like to know.