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Sniper/Slinger (PvE Only) Stealth

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Sniper/Slinger (PvE Only) Stealth

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12.27.2018 , 09:10 AM | #1
Sniper & Slinger Stealth.

This would fundamentally not impact the game as a whole, but more act as a "positioning" Setup ability.
This would be for PvE only as well be (hopefully) disabled during any unranked / ranked PvP (or have a long CD, 2 long max when exiting out of Stealth.)

It would be half the strength (sitting at rank 2 at 70) of all stealths in the game at max level including movement being reduced to 30%, trainable at level 10. Any casting / activation of any abilities (except Legacy: Rocket Boost) would break the stealth. Adds a 0.5second delay to all casted and instant cast abilities before they activate.

It would allow a bit more immersion and identity to both Imp. Agents and Smugglers.

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12.27.2018 , 01:38 PM | #2

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